Daily Hoi An snapshot

As always having no problem filling in our days in Hoi An. A snapshot of our daily routine looks something like this.

Brekkie Time

Brekkie by the pool. We are currently the only guests at the hotel so getting the extra royal treatment.
Biking through the paddy fields to the gym

Gym time

Daily session at superfit gym, Andy being a clown. Combination of Vietnamese and foreigners. Lynnie the strongest Vietnamese man at the gym!

Coffee time after the gym

Lunch time

We had lunch at this little girls Grandmas stall. She had incredible English.
Cat wanted part of the action. Just hope its brother wasn’t in the soup
She was obsessed with Andy’s “furry” arms

Bike exploring time

Swim time

Beer o’clock time

Looking a little frazzled from the heat and the traffic after our ride into the old town
Always good to find a craft beer and a vino at the Hill station

People watching day and night


After so many trips to Asia we thought we had seen it all……..

Yep that is a dog wearing a nappy in the coffee shop.

Got to love it!!!! Cotinuing to have an awesome time hanging in Hoi An.

5 thoughts on “Daily Hoi An snapshot”

  1. looking nice and relaxed guys. Food likes rather nice and plenty of heat. Currently pissing done here with side ways winds. Need a little Vietnam break myself. Enjoy. The clan.


  2. As always, loving your posts guys!! Especially your busy daily routines! Oh and as for that be-nappied dog!!! That just took that cake!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..


  3. Hi Guys so good to hwar from you & to see your lovely photos, you look like you are having such a great time once again, it looks such a lovely spot, couldn’t get over the pup with the nappie, he looks a little like Urban Bis’s pup, same color but smaller than Urban. You both look so well & happy, take care, love to you both. Di & Reg xxxx


  4. Aw you guys are living the dream! Decent cheese and cracker selection at Hill Station too, the only place we found in Hoi An that had a variety of cheese, and good wine. Have fun….


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