They Come They Go

One year on since our last visit and the changes of Hoi An continue as everyone wants a piece of this progressing tourist hotspot. Businesses come and go, construction everywhere, new coffee shops and spas continue to pop up.

Mr Hoang one of our favourite local eats over the past 4 years all finished up.
Mrs Hoang and her mother now selling clothes and apparently in one weeks time Mr Hoang will be selling Pho (noodle soup out the front of this tiny house that 3 generations share)
One of our frequented local Pho shops now a construction site
Pho Rieu another popular place of ours over the years ripping down his house but still serving great food
Construction workers taking time out from the midday 40deg heat. Had themselves a couple of Larue beers and then napped on their makeshift cardboard bed which they bring to work everyday
Many of the older generation still running businesses on bikes

While the younger generation opting for battery bikes.

With all this development this has been the most positive thing we have seen. Drink refill stations. Absolutely love it.

We have only seen 2 so far but better than none.

We are having an awesome time biking around Hoi An, checking out the changes and catching up with friends.

Our favourite coffee shop Borina still alive and kicking.

Bob and Barry parked up with the other coffee punters
Post work out coffee.
Street food for lunch. Mrs Hoangs sister and hubby

Hustle and bustle at 5pm closing of the markets
We have seen this lady every year for the past 4 years selling her flowers daily at the markets.

Meanwhile we people watch across the street watching the comings and goings, having a 5pm cold beer, celebrating another awesome day in Hoi An and how lucky we are to be back here again.

Hoi An is almost unrecognizable from our first visit here in 2006, and the speed of change is incredible, however it is still a very special town, that we absolutely love.

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