The Nevs surviving lockdown

Wow what a week for everyone around the world.

The Nomadic Nevs being forced to stay home. Our flight to Sydney scheduled today of course a no go as we hunker down with the rest of NZ in our bubble.

Instead this is what our day looked like today.  A great ride with Betty and Nancy.

Tomorrow Andy is back to work as an essential service and we roll through another day during these crazy times. Thinking of you all wherever you are.

Living the dream in Mapua

24 hour mini break to Mapua. So spoilt to have this lovely spot only a 34km ride away. The perfect getaway.

Betty and Nancy having a rest half way
Chilling out
Loving the peace and quiet
Rabbit Island
Nancy waiting patiently for the ferry to Mapua
All refreshed
Beer O’Clock at Jellyfish
Loving summer
Good morning Mapua
Time to get the ferry back to Rabbit Island

Back through Rabbit Island
Just like that back at Raglan in Tahunanui

Happy Anniversary to us

Well what better way to spend our 21st Wedding Anniversary than taking Betty and Nancy on an epic ride.

42km Coppermine saddle trail, rough going on a steel bike as so rocky, but blazed past some dude on his flash carbon full suspension bike! That gave Betty and Nancy a buzz!

Departing home first thing

After just under 2hours of climbing we made it to the 3rd house

Then it got cold, super cold!

Hiding in the fog and drizzle we made it to the saddle. But too cold to hang around

Nancy having a rest waiting on Betty. No speed records broken for Betty on the descent!

There she is!! Great day out.

Now what are the odds of having two lovely ladies come into work earlier in the week and their names were Betty & Nancy! They couldn’t believe our bikes were called B & N.

Happy 21st Anniversary. Was a dreary cold day like this in Christchurch 21years ago.

Where has that time gone! What a fun 21 years full of adventures. We are so lucky to have hit the jackpot! Bring on the next 21!

Ride done and dusted and almost time to crack open the bubbles!

Betty & Nancy hanging in paradise

Nelson – Mapua return

Starting to feel like summer is just around the corner, so let the summer fun begin and enjoy what’s on our doorstep.

66+km is a long way to pedal for hot chips but oh so worth it.

Betty hanging in Mapua

Feeling like summer not spring

A little puffed out and head wind on the home straight.

Home for a freshen up, back on B & N and time for a well deserved pint at Styx with friends. 23deg roll on summer

Turning 50 & Loving life

What an absolutely magical part of NZ. We have had the best multi-day celebration here at Millbrook……….

Queenstown. First time back in over 11 years and what a circus.

Taking in his last day at 49!

Fergs Pie!

Crafties in Queenstown

Oh my goodness Millbrook is AMAZING.

Birthday treats from the staff

No golf for us at Millbrook but hiring bikes for sure.

Smithies at Millbrook is awesome. Crafties by the fire with incredible scenery.

Birthday boy says let’s go riding. Hired some bikes and time to hit the trails.

Feeling alive!

First stop Gibbston

Love cycling rewards

Last stop Waitiri Cargo Brewery. Was so windy it blew the froth off my beer.

Cheers to the best day celebrating 50 awesome years.

Day 2 – Lake Hayes Loop

Cool and wind blown!

Finishing the ride back in the picturesque Arrowtown.

What an amazing few days celebrating down here. Thanks for turning on the weather and giving us the best memories.

Happy Days continue

Happy days continue here in Hoi An. We have had a bit of rain the past few days, at times monsoonal but nothing like exploring in the rain. Ponchos and umbrellas just seem to appear as soon as the rain arrrives. Road floods in record time and you are biking through a foot of water.

All class

Change of hotels for the last 10 days and scored an upgrade for my birthday.

4 star hotel but not 4 star bikes. 70 room hotel…….just us and heaps of Koreans. Entertainment value plus!

Living in style for the remainder of our time in Hoi An

Huge pool for the Koreans of all ages to put their life jackets and floaties on

More construction happening and leveling the concrete by hand on the roof, in their jandals with no harness. An OSH inspectors dream.

Many storms passing through which has dropped the temps from high 30s to low 30s.

As always birthday celebrations are a blast in Hoi An.

Yep that is 50% off crafties

Birthday beer oclock in Hoi An

Fun times

Have had a busy holiday schedule catching up with friends the past few days.

More birthday cake with our friends we met 4 years ago.

Lunch with our Phuc Thao family. The best Com Ga, (chicken rice)

Chicken feet and all

A lock malfunction

5 staff, a hammer and chisel we are in and a new lock installed 5 minutes later. Boom just like that!

Oh Happy Days in Hoi An

Daily Hoi An snapshot

As always having no problem filling in our days in Hoi An. A snapshot of our daily routine looks something like this.

Brekkie Time

Brekkie by the pool. We are currently the only guests at the hotel so getting the extra royal treatment.

Biking through the paddy fields to the gym

Gym time

Daily session at superfit gym, Andy being a clown. Combination of Vietnamese and foreigners. Lynnie the strongest Vietnamese man at the gym!

Coffee time after the gym

Lunch time

We had lunch at this little girls Grandmas stall. She had incredible English.

Cat wanted part of the action. Just hope its brother wasn’t in the soup

She was obsessed with Andy’s “furry” arms

Bike exploring time

Swim time

Beer o’clock time

Looking a little frazzled from the heat and the traffic after our ride into the old town

Always good to find a craft beer and a vino at the Hill station

People watching day and night


After so many trips to Asia we thought we had seen it all……..

Yep that is a dog wearing a nappy in the coffee shop.

Got to love it!!!! Cotinuing to have an awesome time hanging in Hoi An.