Happy Days continue

Happy days continue here in Hoi An. We have had a bit of rain the past few days, at times monsoonal but nothing like exploring in the rain. Ponchos and umbrellas just seem to appear as soon as the rain arrrives. Road floods in record time and you are biking through a foot of water.

All class

Change of hotels for the last 10 days and scored an upgrade for my birthday.

4 star hotel but not 4 star bikes. 70 room hotel…….just us and heaps of Koreans. Entertainment value plus!
Living in style for the remainder of our time in Hoi An
Huge pool for the Koreans of all ages to put their life jackets and floaties on

More construction happening and leveling the concrete by hand on the roof, in their jandals with no harness. An OSH inspectors dream.

Many storms passing through which has dropped the temps from high 30s to low 30s.

As always birthday celebrations are a blast in Hoi An.

Yep that is 50% off crafties
Birthday beer oclock in Hoi An
Fun times

Have had a busy holiday schedule catching up with friends the past few days.

More birthday cake with our friends we met 4 years ago.
Lunch with our Phuc Thao family. The best Com Ga, (chicken rice)
Chicken feet and all
A lock malfunction
5 staff, a hammer and chisel we are in and a new lock installed 5 minutes later. Boom just like that!
Oh Happy Days in Hoi An

5 thoughts on “Happy Days continue”

  1. Happy birthday and enjoy the extra comfort of that hotel
    You.manage ok with these bicycles I guess but obviously nothing like your own. So where you heading next with no bikes? ?
    Kampot in Cambodia had terrible floods a couple of weeks back. Here in Thailand Khon Kaen, Roi Et and neighbouring provinceso have been so badly hit last weekend.
    Army out with boats, residents sitting in the worst cases on their roofs waiting to be rescued.
    Rice crop under water for miles, Roi Et had the worst floods for 50 yrs with roads capsized and having to.move animals to higher grounds. So many lost everything. My adopted family working on repairs for free to help those worst hit.
    Take care and continued fun.
    Great to get updates I always read then even when you were home.


  2. Rain here and up north for Sami’s hockey. Played Strong Westlake girls with winner to semi finals. Villa score near end to make it 1-1 . Went ahead in penalty shootout but lost that 2-1 . A good learning experience but still a real bugger. Pleased you are still enjoying life and have to make most of as you are doing. Love Dad Sent from my iPad



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