Chilling in Cha Am

After a great couple of days exploring Phetchaburi city we made the hour bus trip to Cha Am.

The old town of Phetchaburi
Taking in the sights
Coffee time to recharge

We have been in Cha Am for almost a week and loving the slow pace of life in this coastal town approx 200km south of Bangkok.

Week day rush hour on the main beach street
View from coffee shop after a shower of rain.
Great digs down this little street just off from the beach
Pool to ourselves most of the time
Still amazes us after all the years of coming to Asia how the sparkies operate
Another day at the office
More street sellers

Oh and the food. How we have missed the food stalls in Thailand.

Quick takeaway coffee
More food
Ice cream……
Bit more action in the weekends with Thai holidaymakers visiting this delightful town.
Morning Cha Am

We will be here until Thursday chilling out before making our way to Hua Hin.

6 thoughts on “Chilling in Cha Am”

  1. Looks an amazing peaceful place to spend the week. Great pics. Been a frustrating day with no care lady calling, and a 1pm appointment also not coming. Watching the 6pm news and they mentioned country calendar was on at TV. Thought country calendar was on a Sunday. Had spent the whole day thinking it was a Monday. Bit of a concern. St.Bedes beat ChCh boys on Saturday, so and they play Nelson next Saturday. So not sure who STC will be playing in semi final. Could be Nelson but STC hard to beat on home grounds. Safe travels Love Dad

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  2. Wow what a contrast to the weather we are having back in Nelson.
    Well done guys on your travels.
    Do you have your bikes with you or are you using your feet this time?
    Keep up with your makes me feel warm 🤩😜🤣


  3. Hi Guys I did write a message but I do not know if it went or not. Love the beautiful photos makes me wish I was there,looks like you are having a great time, lovely to be able to keep in touch with you both, take care. Love Di and Reg xxxx


  4. Great to hear you are back enjoying the life you love. Photos are great! . So i thought i would include acouple of my own. We are ‘bikies’ now too! ..John bought me this electric cutie so we could go biking together …then i bought him an electric as well so he could keep up with me!!! We are not exactly intrepid, but just love getting out, especially if there is food or a pub at the end of it! Still enjoying tennis, injury free at the moment 😀 ..tho only when rain permits, which is not so often this season ..And still loving my painting which is supplying us with all that food n beer 😁 Enjoying your adventures vicariously ..keep it up, love knowing what youre up to. Big hugs LynB xxxx ph.0211597139


  5. What a beautiful place, so relaxed, clean and the food places look amazing. Keep up the posts, so good for us confined fold to see the rest of the world. Michael is in Hospital and it looks as though he will be lucky to come home as he has gone downhill in just a few days. anyway we will wait and see – one day at a time!!


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