The Gear

Deciding on what gear to go with was the easy decision. After our big 2016 Asia adventure and several smaller adventures with racks and panniers we have decided to go with the bike packing set up. There is always heaps of debate as to what is the best set and they both have their pros and cons.

There is no doubt that you can fit more gear in the panniers, but this can also be a bad thing as at the end of the day you have to carry it all. We have opted for the bike packing set up as it is far more light weight and stream lined, so hopefully we won’t come too close to knocking into road signs or knocking over scooters as with the panniers.

We have chosen the Alaskan Revelate designs gear.

Revelate Front harness
Revelate Tangle bag half frame size small and medium due to frame sizes.
Revelate Terrapin seat bag and dry bag for Andy. Slightly more storage space than the Pika
Revelate Pika seat bag for Lynnie. Slightly smaller than Terrapin due to clearance issues but right decision and still heaps of storage.
Revelate Gas tanks, storage on top tube
Sea to Summitt 20 litre dry bags for front harness.
Specialised Propero II cycle helmets
The final set up
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