We are the “Nomadic Nevs” Andy and Lynnie Nevin from New Zealand and we have chosen a path slightly less ordinary. Our passion for travel and our dislike of the cold has led us to redesign our lifestyle to work less and travel more. Don’t be mistaken, we still have to work to fund our lifestyle but we have managed to create a balance of working less and travelling more, ensuring we have endless summers.

This lifestyle is not for everyone, we have very little “stuff”, have completely de-cluttered our lives to live a very minimalistic existence. We threw in the security of full time work, and soon realised that it was this security holding us back from living our dreams.

We love the freedom of travel, embracing new cultures and breaking free from the rat race and expectations that modern society holds. Most of all we love the quality time we get to spend together. In 2016 we set off on our first bike touring adventure riding through SE Asia for 5 months and absolutley loved the freedom of this new lifestyle. We are continuing our nomadic lifestyle and experiencing heaps of adventures on the bikes spending time between NZ, Australia and Asia and loving this lifestyle we have created.

“We may be wandering but we certainly aren’t lost”.