Happy Days continue

Happy days continue here in Hoi An. We have had a bit of rain the past few days, at times monsoonal but nothing like exploring in the rain. Ponchos and umbrellas just seem to appear as soon as the rain arrrives. Road floods in record time and you are biking through a foot of water.

All class

Change of hotels for the last 10 days and scored an upgrade for my birthday.

4 star hotel but not 4 star bikes. 70 room hotel…….just us and heaps of Koreans. Entertainment value plus!
Living in style for the remainder of our time in Hoi An
Huge pool for the Koreans of all ages to put their life jackets and floaties on

More construction happening and leveling the concrete by hand on the roof, in their jandals with no harness. An OSH inspectors dream.

Many storms passing through which has dropped the temps from high 30s to low 30s.

As always birthday celebrations are a blast in Hoi An.

Yep that is 50% off crafties
Birthday beer oclock in Hoi An
Fun times

Have had a busy holiday schedule catching up with friends the past few days.

More birthday cake with our friends we met 4 years ago.
Lunch with our Phuc Thao family. The best Com Ga, (chicken rice)
Chicken feet and all
A lock malfunction
5 staff, a hammer and chisel we are in and a new lock installed 5 minutes later. Boom just like that!
Oh Happy Days in Hoi An

Daily Hoi An snapshot

As always having no problem filling in our days in Hoi An. A snapshot of our daily routine looks something like this.

Brekkie Time

Brekkie by the pool. We are currently the only guests at the hotel so getting the extra royal treatment.
Biking through the paddy fields to the gym

Gym time

Daily session at superfit gym, Andy being a clown. Combination of Vietnamese and foreigners. Lynnie the strongest Vietnamese man at the gym!

Coffee time after the gym

Lunch time

We had lunch at this little girls Grandmas stall. She had incredible English.
Cat wanted part of the action. Just hope its brother wasn’t in the soup
She was obsessed with Andy’s “furry” arms

Bike exploring time

Swim time

Beer o’clock time

Looking a little frazzled from the heat and the traffic after our ride into the old town
Always good to find a craft beer and a vino at the Hill station

People watching day and night


After so many trips to Asia we thought we had seen it all……..

Yep that is a dog wearing a nappy in the coffee shop.

Got to love it!!!! Cotinuing to have an awesome time hanging in Hoi An.

They Come They Go

One year on since our last visit and the changes of Hoi An continue as everyone wants a piece of this progressing tourist hotspot. Businesses come and go, construction everywhere, new coffee shops and spas continue to pop up.

Mr Hoang one of our favourite local eats over the past 4 years all finished up.
Mrs Hoang and her mother now selling clothes and apparently in one weeks time Mr Hoang will be selling Pho (noodle soup out the front of this tiny house that 3 generations share)
One of our frequented local Pho shops now a construction site
Pho Rieu another popular place of ours over the years ripping down his house but still serving great food
Construction workers taking time out from the midday 40deg heat. Had themselves a couple of Larue beers and then napped on their makeshift cardboard bed which they bring to work everyday
Many of the older generation still running businesses on bikes

While the younger generation opting for battery bikes.

With all this development this has been the most positive thing we have seen. Drink refill stations. Absolutely love it.

We have only seen 2 so far but better than none.

We are having an awesome time biking around Hoi An, checking out the changes and catching up with friends.

Our favourite coffee shop Borina still alive and kicking.

Bob and Barry parked up with the other coffee punters
Post work out coffee.
Street food for lunch. Mrs Hoangs sister and hubby

Hustle and bustle at 5pm closing of the markets
We have seen this lady every year for the past 4 years selling her flowers daily at the markets.

Meanwhile we people watch across the street watching the comings and goings, having a 5pm cold beer, celebrating another awesome day in Hoi An and how lucky we are to be back here again.

Hoi An is almost unrecognizable from our first visit here in 2006, and the speed of change is incredible, however it is still a very special town, that we absolutely love.

Going Posh in Bangkok to routine in Hoi an

We had ourselves a fab 48 hours in Bangkok and even managed to find a sports bar to watch the ABs get smashed. Bangkok seems to get busier every visit but the city of 10 million is changing. Less street food stalls, and more Western cafes popping up. Many slums being replaced by large commercial and residential developments. Constant traffic jams with more cars on the road. However the peaceful Lumpini Park is a lovey haven for the residents of this huge bustling city.

Looking a little jet lagged and pasty white on day 1 exploring the back alleys of Bangkok.

Loved our stay in Bangkok and could get used to the Club Lounge service.

The ever sprawling Bangkok

Farewell Bangkok but we will see you soon.

Here we are now back in Hoi An our happy place and settled into routine for the next month. The heat, the people, the food, what isn’t there not to enjoy.

They are no Betty and Nancy but Bob and Barry will be our trusty steads for this trip
Back at Phuc Thao Villa – same lovely staff and same room as last year. Like we have never been away

The flowers are amazing at this time of year, and Andy you look pretty good also
Beer o’clock on the waterfront – after another tough day at the office