2000km into Thazi

Kalaw – Thazi = 93km

Departing the beautiful town of Kalaw at 7am we almost immediately started our descent out of the Mountains with approx 20km of downhill and stunning scenery. So why you might ask are we looping back to Thazi where we caught the slow train to Kalaw 10 days ago. Well these mountains today are that very reason. It would have almost been impossible to have ridden the other direction and with distances too far between accommodation and hills too tough we definitely made the right call. We are now back making our way towards Bagan.

This highway road was steep, with heaps of sharp corners, plenty more roadworks by hand taking place and plenty of trucks and mini buses, so Betty and Nancy rolled down cautiously.

We waved and waved and were constantly calling out Malingaba (hello) to these super friendly people that would greet us as we passed on through.

Yep you have seen right!!!! Then we see 2 elephants. What the hell!!!! Certainly wasn’t for a tourist attraction as no tourists in this neck of the woods.

Drink stop was needed at the 50km as we were well and truly out of the Mountains and noticed a huge increase in temperature with it knocking on the door to 40deg. These hard case guys even started using a hand made fan on us and saying ‘aircon’.

Another village with heaps to see. Then the last 20km was hard work with the heat sapping our energy on a busy flat road that looked and felt like a desert with dry baron land and cacti growing. (Didn’t stop for pics as the end was in sight). It was on this stretch we yet again were tooted from behind (a warning that they have seen us and preparing to pass) that a truck slowed right down and pulled alongside us. The driver then leant out his truck window and handed Andy a cold bottle of water. The kindness of strangers and these lovely folk or we looked totally buggered and needed it.

Rolled into Thazi staying at the same guesthouse, same room as before. Reckon our well deserved beer o’clock will be at the same place also as we celebrate hitting the 2000km today.

5 thoughts on “2000km into Thazi”

  1. Oh gosh I feel for you both with the heat inland, and I’ve seen alot of mountains in Asia but WOW this is stunning scenery. Just done a Google map from Mandalay with all the stops you’ve mentioned so can understand better about this ‘loop’. I wouldn’t be surprised if your the first cyclists they’ve ever seen and guess you have mastered sign language as can’t image the locals speak much English in this area! Although I was surprised to see that board outside Cafe Kalaw, safe travels and enjoy that beer


  2. AMAZING!! You guys are seeing some stuff – including the elephants:) Slightly different from us biking through the Marlborough vineyards on Saturday – rugged up to keep warm followed by lunch at Wither Hills – I think the cool drink handed out the truck window would have been more special. K, P, S & J xx

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  3. Two vouchers arrived so assume my birthday gift. One voucher said “Thank You” The other said 2nd prize USD 200,000.00. X2 Shall I hop on a flight now!!! Await your instructions. Guessing I may need two matching vouchers to win? Love mum dad

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  4. Boy 2000ks what a feat, you must still be riding your bikes when you sleep at night.You certainly meeting some lovely people on your travels, it is so good looking at all the sights you are seeing, it really makes you feel you are actually there with you. Love to you both. Di & Reg xxx


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