Building a highway by hand part 2

Tea drying down the lane and village kids taking a break from their outside shower to see the fluro clad aliens on their doorstep.

Trying again to get the last missing 5 pics from last blog post. Battling with Myanmar Wi-Fi but hey if that’s our biggest stress life isn’t bad.

Loving Kalaw but super excited to be hitting the road tomorrow again.

One thought on “Building a highway by hand part 2”

  1. Kalaw is very much full of lovely scenery, with the houses spread through the bushes, fancy having to shower outside, okay in the nice weather, not so nice if it was windy or rainy. All the little towns are so different & each place has something different to see. I loved seeing the little fella telling you you were going the wrong way, how gorgeous. Talk to you soon. Di & Reg xxx


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