Moving forward

Thazi – Meiktila = 25km

Enjoyed a few beers last night at one of the local Thazi beer stations celebrating 2000km.

Departed the “Wonderful Guesthouse” in Thazi with truly wonderful hospitality from this family. They sent us on our merry way forcing water and coke in our hands.

Short day today as 90-100km planned tomorrow to Kyaukapadang as no town to stay at in between. Took our time getting to Meiktila, was a road with plenty of bumps and potholes but not much traffic but lovely rural countryside.

Arrived Meiktila before midday and checked out a couple of rubbish dump hotels that we passed on. Then got to the Peace Path Hotel, lovely staff pretty good room with aircon, nice lake view (across a roof first) and brekkie tomorrow included all for NZ$26.

Went for a stroll around this city which is the 3rd biggest city in the Mandalay state with population 177,000. In 2013 Meiktila made headlines for riots and violence between the minority Muslims and Buddhists where over 43 people were killed and it left 10,000 Muslims homeless and refugees. (It is said that 90% of Burmese are Buddhist)

The busy streets of Meiktila below

The “pink monks” are girls or ladies aged 10yrs and up living in the monestries

Dam hot so beer o’clock a little earlier today. 80c a glass.

4 thoughts on “Moving forward”

  1. I’m loving the names of the hotels . I’m also feeling faint at the thought of all those biking km you have clocked. Amazing 🙂


  2. My god you are both losing some weight, there will be nothing left of you both by the time you get back home, but the memories will be fabulous.Miss you both heaps, but so glad you are doing what you enjoy, touring around with Betty & Nancy. Di & Reg xxx


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