Hansel and Gretel Country

Klaeng (Kevin Resort) Pluak Daeng = 70km

A great brekkie whipped up by Ebby the German owner of Kevin’s Resort before hitting the road. (We needed clarification as to why the resort had a random name then found out Kevin is his 14yr old son).

Departing the exceptional Kevin’s resort.

Once again we were keen to get off the busy highway and hoped that the Maps.me app “bike mode” would produce the goods and give us a good day in the saddle…………….and it didn’t disappoint.

We rode for 50km through rubber plantations on remote roads, repeatedly checking the app as it sent us even more remote deeper into the forest.

We had the road to ourselves except for the occasional house which of course had a minimum of 2 dogs that would get the adrenalin pumping as they chased us down the road.

The containers catching the sap/rubber from the trees
Felt like we riding through “Hansel and Gretel” country.
A day of undulating hills, with heaps to look at. Rural Thailand at its finest
Found the first drinks stop at 32km and a delivery man kindly gave us a bag of “shrimp chips”. Strapped them on the bike and off we went.
After 50km out in the whop whops we get to a junction and out of nowhere pops a coffee shop.
The owner of the coffee shop who made without a doubt our best cuppa in Thailand. The aircon was pretty dam good also. Despite it being overcast temps were mid 30s.
50km chilling out with 20km to go

Then the rain started coming down so we seeked some shelter and thought it was 1pm so let’s make it a lunch stop.

Only 7km to go back on the highway but didn’t want to get wet so chilled out at our lunch stop for a while.
Found the only digs right in the town centre and we weren’t expecting much but WOW fantastic digs. Spotlessly clean, towels even wrapped in plastic. Betty and Nancy allowed to stay with us also and apparently we get toast and coffee tomorrow for brekkie so no complaints from us for just under NZ$25.

So here we are in Pluak Daeng. A small town 145km from Bangkok. Possibly might make it a 2 nighter as we may only ride for one more day before pulling up stumps to get the bikes serviced, boxed up and get a taxi into Bangkok on Saturday. Still working through the logistics on that one but not bad if that is our only stress!

Then the hotel staff bring us 2 mangoes which were the best we have ever tasted.

That would have to be right up there as one of our most enjoyable days of riding in Thailand………….except the dogs. Maps.me bike mode and the navigators had a blinder!

3 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel Country”

  1. Once again awesome updates. Will miss them coming through!! Do you get some R & R at the end of it all! Betty and Nancy will be looking forward to putting their feet up too after all those kms. My bikes now going to the bike cemetery after flying off the car roof at 100kms!! 😦 Might have to put my feet up for the winter too!!
    Enjoy xx


  2. Wow wee L&A – can’t believe you’ll be back in Bangkok in a couple of days – awesome trip! I love the Thai’s hospitality- they sound like they’re giving you celebrity service!!!!!!


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