Smashed out the Loop

Pluak Daeng – Ban Beung 43km

We were given the 5 star treatment at Pluak Daeng at the PP. Mansion. Seriously don’t think anyone ever stays there as everything was brand new and apparently the 84 room building is 2 years old. Didn’t see anyone else around the 6 storey complex!

Plastic still on the mattress and base as well as the head board.
The fridge brand new still sitting on its box and polystyrene

The room was serviced after one night stay sheets replaced and new towels in plastic again.

Incredible for NZ$25 inc Brekkie!

Then the 5 star treatment continued on departure this morning as we polished off the brekkie cooked just for us.

Egg, little sossies, toast and mango.

Then the departure gifts came out.

Sporting our very Thai looking caps, yep that’s a sequin cap!

Also were given some arm sun protectors and some potpouri…..the potpouri might have been a hint!

What a lovely stay at Pluak Daeng but time to hit the road for our final day of riding to Ban Bueng. Today was all about the destination and nothing to do with the journey as we bolted down the busy highway with a tail wind arriving in no time.

Quiet part of the highway going through factory after factory. We whizzed past Suzuki, Ford, MG, Bosch, LG. delivered the goods yet again and was bang on with an incredible bike store and great digs less than 400m apart.

Giving Betty and Nancy some loving and currently have them in for a service. We will package them up here before heading to Bangkok on Saturday.

So here we are sitting in a cafe in Ban Beung, which we will be seeing more of over the next couple of days.

Then the lovely Mr Teng joined us at the cafe and wanted to practise his English. He is a teacher from Korea been living here for 20 years married to a Thai lady.

Bangkok – Bangkok 1700km

Has been an incredible loop. Think we will have to celebrate with a Leo or 2 tonight and start getting excited about Myanmar on Monday.

5 thoughts on “Smashed out the Loop”

  1. Wow what a trip. That is an amazing cycle ride. Well deserved posh night in a new room with all new furniture.
    Hope Nancy and Betty don’ t get too much of a shock being serviced and packed up. But they certainly deserve a rest 😜
    Enjoy your time chilling out…I’m celebrating your achievement with Jimmy!
    Look forward to reading about the next part of your journey while I sit in front of the heater 🔥🚴🚦
    I have learnt how to divine for water. I didn’t realize how easy it is…the hard bit is how much water is underground. Have put a bore down where there heaps of water but possibly too salty. Have to get it tested in Perth as no one can test what results they require down here. It’s amazing as I didn’t realize most of australia’s water is salt water!!
    Safe travels ✈


    1. Amazing travels you guys, envious as hell. Enjoy getting my morning blogs. Seasons are changing here with the amazing autumn colours. Temperatures dropping. Miss daylight savings already. Look forward to your blogs on the next part of your journey


  2. You must have a great feel of accomplishment and great people a and digs to end the journey. Celebrate in style. 1000K to go. We are all well here

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Hi guys talk about living in luxury & being spoilt, how wonderful is that & Betty & Nancy having a service, they will wonder what is going on & having a rest for a while till you get where you are going, it all sounds good, love your sparkly hat Lynnie. Take care until next time. Love Di & Reg xxx


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