Rugby and Big Macs

Chantaburi – Klaeng = 73km

Departed Chantaburi after a great 2 night stay and after a few navigation issues we got ourselves on the right road to make our way to Klaeng. We decided to take an alternate route to the highway to avoid the hectic traffic but had no idea what sort of road this would take us on. 12km into the journey at 9am we couldn’t believe it when we saw a rugby match taking place. Decided to do a UE and check it out, not expecting to stumble across the Thailand National Senior Championships. We became instant celebrities once we told them we were from NZ, and All Blacks country.

Bangkok verse Chonburi.
Yep the rugby field was at the airport with planes behind
Incredibly organised, big speaker and running commentary where they got more excited than Keith Quinn. Heaps of officials, referees and spectators and the standard was surprisingly good. Not a lot of height in the line out though.
One of the big wigs came over and was so welcoming and friendly and everything was then relayed over the speaker for all to hear.

We pulled up a chair and watched 30mins of the game several of them came over for a chat…….and selfies! We found out Thailand have international tests against China/Taipei and India coming up soon so this was also National team selection.

It was time to get pedalling again after that super cool experience.

We then had possibly our best day of riding in Thailand. Road was amazing

Check out this awesome road and cycle lane.

Most of the trip we were going through the most incredible plantations of bananas, durian and other tropical fruit and the odd fish farm as well as rubber plantations. We were riding with the butterflies and Dragonflies. Stalls were everywhere selling their produce.

Chantaburi is the heart of Durian country. A smelly fruit delicacy in Asia
Such quiet roads in the countryside. That is a rubber plantation on the right where rubber trees are tapped every 2 days each time yielding about 50g of latex. Thailand and Indonesia are the largest producers and exporters of natural “latex” rubber
Toilet stop at the police station and even a water refill station.
Drinks stop at some random village.

After 60km we had to get back on the highway and it was full on but out of nowhere look what we find in the town of Klaeng! Timing was perfect as it was scorching and aircon was bliss.

1550km later and he finds his first golden arches and yep it tasted as good as it looked.
Betty and Nancy rocked it today and having a rest with only 6km to go.

Then 73km we rock into our guesthouse called “Kevin Resort”. We had prebooked here for 2 nights as it is the weekend. Being close to Bangkok now everything sells out in the weekends as the Thais escape Bangkok for a getaway.

Awesome digs for NZ$20 and Betty and Nancy tucked up after a great day.

Rest day tomorrow while we plan which town to next and reflect on an awesome day of riding through Thailand.

2 thoughts on “Rugby and Big Macs”

  1. Instant stardom. A big thrill for you both. Pleased you are having such a great time. Samis hockey team won 5-0 and already look unbeatable. Sophies first grading game. In year 3/4 grade but team all year 3. Marist scored 3 goals and Sophie two goals. Didn’t keep tabs on the other teams goals. Love mum Dad

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