Adventure Time

We have had the most fabulous month in NZ catching up with family but it is now time for the adventure to begin.

Awesome time in Waikanae with the folks.
Great catch up with Andy’s folks and the birthday girl in Christchurch yesterday.

No more sleeps to countdown, currently at Brisbane airport and tonight we are off to Bangkok to start our cycle trip. After 3 nights in Ayutthaya (100km north of Bangkok) getting our bikes all sorted we will be making the journey south/east in Thailand to the Cambodia border.

As in the past our plans are very loose and we will be winging it much of the time, but we do hope to keep the blog up to date over the next 6 months or so while we are in Asia.

Hoping the gear will all fit
Getting close
Relief all round…… to Bangkok!
Paul and Susie our good friends in Brisie. Been great catching up and thanks again!

9 thoughts on “Adventure Time”

  1. Great pics of you all looking well!! Awesome.. you certainly have the cycle bug!! Have a great trip. Keep the pics and updates coming.
    We head back to Aussie tomorrow, after being in Nelson for 6 weeks. We will be in Aussie for at least another 12 months.

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  2. Have a great trip, we will be thinking of you & look forward to catching up with your blogs. Photos of your parents were great. Love to you both. Di & Reg xxxx

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  3. Hi guys we loved the pics and look forward to many more as your “epic” ride continues. Travel safe. We eagerly await your next installment!!! Take care K & J
    PS: My colours have swapped from red (Summit) to yellow (Ray White) in the last 2 weeks FYI


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