Santa has arrived at last.

He forgot about us on Christmas day but……..we are super excited as we have just picked up our new bikes. We didn’t think our 12yr old Konas were going to survive another 6 month expedition through Asia so here are the new additions to the family.  It’s less than 2 months now until we head off for another adventure into the unknown and we can’t wait.  We have changed the set up this year to bike packing with a Revelate soft bag set up, not racks and panniers.  Hoping it will be a super light weight set up with the weight better distributed for another exciting adventure ahead.

Thanks Dean at HIT cycles Moffat Beach for getting the bikes set up.                (Kona Unit X 27.5)
First outing up to Buderim.  Good test on the legs, with plenty of hills, but stunning view back over the coast.

Happy Australia Day everyone. As you said Susie the most Bogan day in the Australia calendar year.

Nobody does Bogan better than Queensland!

3 thoughts on “Santa has arrived at last.”

  1. Wahoo… Great looking bikes!! Happy Aussie day. We in Walpole for a bit of fishing and lazing about for the weekend


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