Ayutthaya and wheels are turning for 2018

We couldn’t have picked a better place to start our cycle adventure and get our Asian mojo ticking again.

We were both a little jaded on arriving so pleased we spent 3 days in Ayutthaya with the most friendly people, wonderful food, in the incredibly laid back old capital city of Ayutthaya, trying to acclimatise to the high 30deg temps.

Breakfast – one of our favourite dishes chicken and rice (like we have never been away)
Exploring Ayutthaya
An alternative bike option and probably the same result with your butt

We stayed at the same guesthouse as 2016 which gave us the perfect opportunity to set up the bikes and get everything sorted for the adventure ahead.

Baan Bussara guesthouse. Must be a sign with all the bikes in the garden
Hmmmm choices…….reward in the hot weather and good to see our old friend Leo again.

So on the road early making our way for the next 7-10 days to the Cambodian border with no idea what to expect along the way.

Departing Ayutthaya rolling out in the good old trusty bike clothes.

However we soon found out we were on several relatively busy highways but great shoulder and courteous drivers.

Rest stop along the way

We thought we were in for a 40km day but pushed on a bit further as couldn’t find any where to crash. At the 56km mark we stumbled upon a dusty lane way with a Thai sign that looked like it maybe accommodation……and bingo it was!Best bonus is eats and drinks close by and this aircon room with extra hard bed and wifi setting us back only 390b (nz$17).

Messy already with all our gear

So resting up before wheels turn again tomorrow. Awesome to be moving forward and having the adventure underway.

The hotel owner for her translator out to tell us that water and beer was around the corner
Dusty lane way to accommodation
Recon mission to the local market for tonight’s dins.
Bikes seen better days
View from hotel room just before the storm hit

4 thoughts on “Ayutthaya and wheels are turning for 2018”

  1. Awesome pics guys/ Looks like you are well under way.

    Wet here today. Me off to Pram this morning to chair Professionals Board meeting. Mum going to try her hand making muffins I think!!!

    Back in touch again later, looks like Altavady slipping away from a result. One step forward, but 3 backwards yesterday. Bummer!!

    Love from us both

    Colin Dick PRIDICT Email Signature2 (2)


  2. Sooooo cool to see you guys on the road again in your favourite part of the planet!! Stay safe and enjoy…. Miss your beautiful sense of humour dearest Lynnie!


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