Cold wet feet, head wind and hills

Day 4 – Kurow – Oamaru = 86km

Woke up at 6.30am to the window frames rattling in the wind……….we were in for a long day.

Brekki downstairs at the Kurow pub before hitting the road. 2km out of Kurow and we were cycling along the Waitaki River to Duntroon. The remnants of last week’s floods were still evident as we cycled through rivers and waded through what should have been a cycle track. Instead we were soaked in knee deep fast flowing frigid waters and a team effort to hold onto the bikes in the strong currents. (We were too far in to turn around and take the soft option of the road).  A day spent wiggling the toes to keep the circulation going………..but that didn’t work.

Rung out the socks and innersoles in Duntroon and then we changed direction and the head wind and hills hit.

They often say cycle touring is more of a mental challenge than physical and today as we climbed steep hills in Granny gear and slipped and slid our way through mud and cow shit the was definitely the case.

Peeling off the kms with wet, cold feet every rotation was one closer to Oamaru. Amazing cycling through familiar countryside but all so different now with the dairy industry everywhere.

A huge sense of achievement cycling into the old town of Oamaru for a hot coffee.  Absolutley loved the challenge of the A2O, well worth the effort.

No fridge in the room last night but easy keeping your wine cold just put it outside on the window sill.
First of many wet toes for the morning after riding up through this.
More river crossings
The not so thriving Duntroon these days. No Cafe and the pub closed recently. No Jimmy’s pie to be seen
Somewhere in the back of Tokarahi
Cow shit alley
Sheltering out of the cold SW wind for chocolate break.
Rakis tunnell just before Windsor. Sludged our way through mud with minimal light in our torch
North Otago dairy farms
Popped in and said Hello to Nan and Gramps.
Cycling through the Oamaru gardens and passed by the tennis courts where many a Saturday afternoon was spent
Yahoo finish line.
Awesome 4 day challenging ride

3 thoughts on “Cold wet feet, head wind and hills”

  1. Well what a challenging last day…and what a fantastic effort from you both…instead of chocolate it should have been the brandy….hope you living it up in Omarau!!


  2. You guys never cease to blow me away…all that muck and misery and yet a BIG smile and sense of humour…I say GOOD ON YOU!! Much love to an inspiring couple xxxx


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