A foggy, fresh start to the day

Day 3 – Omarama to Kurow = 64km

Woke up to a blanket of fog over Omarama that got thicker as we departed the town. Absolutley freezing cold morning with a frost on the ground.  5 layers of clothes 2 pairs of gloves and didn’t take the beannie off all day.

A pie and coffee in Otematata and a chat with the locals and we were on our merry way again.  Absolutley stunning scenery again all day.  After the steep pinch up to Benmore dam we had the road to ourselves between Benmore and Aviemore.

Here we are in Kurow great digs at the pub and another great day in this beautiful part of the country.

Omarama 8am
2km out of Omarama in thick fog
Great trail around the lake
Sailor’s Cutting 
Otematata and out of the fog 
Jimmy’s pie in Otematata 
Lake Benmore 
Top of Lake Benmore dam
Aviemore Dam
Posh digs at the kurow pub
Richie’s country 
Kurow pub…….$10 jug of Speights.    Great way to finish the day.


3 thoughts on “A foggy, fresh start to the day”

  1. Usually passing these scenic beauties in a car buzzing along at 100K.
    Biking the way to take in our countryside. Stay safe


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