Hanging in Hoi An

Well it’s a tough life but we are loving living our dream…………Hanging in Hoi An which is now home for 5 weeks.

Having a great time exploring the area by bike, sampling some lovely cuisine, poking around the many shops. Have also got ourselves into a great routine with the running shoes back on and also hitting the gym which at 50c a day each is a crazy bargain!  Loved the All Blacks win on Saturday and look forward to doing it all again this week at the Hoi An Sports bar that was packed with frustrated Aussies and over excited Kiwis.

The weather still hitting 37deg daily but late afternoon storms are becoming more frequent with the rainy season just around the corner. We definitely made the right decision to stay here in Hoi An with floods over the past week in other areas of Vietnam, Laos and Southern Cambodia. These were areas we were looking at biking to so right decision made as wouldn’t be much fun pushing through mud.

Not sure where we are but loving exploring Hoi An 
Managed to avoid being conned into a tour around the canals on these little boats.
Hoi An somewhere 
New cycle and scooter bridge linking Hoi An to outer island 
Riding over the bridge 
Riding through the rice paddie fields 
Rice drying on the roadside 
Hard work in 37 deg midday sun turning the cut rice with a stick to dry it out 
More roadside drying 
Another old local cruising the paddie fields 
Our guesthouse. This is our housekeeper/security who is 61yr old looks 80  not much taller than 4ft 6 and sleeps on the wooden couch to the left
Hmmmm what shall I have for brekki today?
Great lunch spot 
mama and granny making a fish shape waffle with chocolate in the middle that she sold for 25c each. 
This town is such a maze. Lost again in somebody’s back yard.
Favourite 18c beer watering hole
4pm rush hour, quiet break in traffic amongst the worst drivers 
Look what we found…….craft beer, Vietnamese style and french rose!not quite the sprig and fern but we were in heaven 
Lovely building at Hill Station bar! Our Hoi An Sprig and Fern.


3 thoughts on “Hanging in Hoi An”

    1. Haha think you are taking the piss. No clothes shopping, no room for it and im so sick of the same handful of clothes I’ve been wearing the past 3 months as you can see in EVERY picture. Look out when we get to Mooloolaba will be hitting the shops hard then!


  1. Again great pics. Seems you chose the right place for a couple of weeks rest. We good. Had planned a trip to Ashburton for hockey at 6pm. Wet forecast and an hours drive back in the dark a bit too stressful. So Sophie has invited us both to her school assembly(junior classes) so assume she must be doing something. Second test against Aus in Wellington tomorrow. Quaid Cooper back which pretty much sums up Aussi rugby. Safe travels XXMum/Dad


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