Eating & Drinking our way around Hoi An

After the brutal day of riding over the Hai Vanh Pass and getting over the virus we have been loving hanging out in Hoi An. We have great digs for $25 per night including brekki, and although the temps are still mid 30s it feels a lot cooler and far more pleasant than the scorching heat of Hue and Dong Ha.

We have now biked 2400km and have come to the conclusion that the Vietnamese drivers are just outright bloody crazy. We see accidents or near misses daily and have seen enough accidents on this trip to last a lifetime. Therefore at this stage we don’t think we will ride much more in Vietnam and as we are loving Hoi An we may stay here for a month. We will use our bikes to potter around, might be time to get the running shoes out and join the gym also.

Anyway here are some pics of the lovely Hoi An. Great restaurants, lovely cafes, good shopping and great vibe. Can’t believe how much has changed in 1o years and how much busier it is especially with Asian tourists.


This was our favourite spot 10yrs ago and it’s still here! 


Handmade jewellery. Great shopping here.
Hoi An Catholic Church 
Catholic Church Grotto 
The markets always so colourful


and always so crazy busy
Chickens, chickens and more chickens 
Our local cafe for a daily visit
not to mention the best carrot cake!
And the coffee connoisseur is very happy 
Pho – a Vietnamese staple. Noodle soup.
Lunch today put on at the guesthouse. Other guests from France and Netherlands 
Today is a meat free day in Vietnam. How funny would that be if we did that in NZ……
18c beers! Think he is in heaven but its no sprig and fern!

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