A day in the life of a static cycle tourist

Well these two cycle tourists are having absolutely no problems filling in their days in Hoi An. Temps still sitting high 30s with a storm most nights.

Any doubts we may have had about continuing riding through Vietnam soon disappeared when Andy was knocked off his bike by some idiot on a scooter here in Hoi An. We were only going snail pace through the town when he was cut off so he was totally fine with just a spectacular fall to the deck! A few more ‘F’ bombs once again had to be released at the driver. After reading about the drivers here the size of what you ride is how the road rules seem to operate.  Starting with trucks and buses at the top of the transport heirachy with no consideration at all, followed by cars then scooters and bicycles are down the transport chain alongside pedestrians also battling to stay safe.

Below a snap shot of our daily routine.

Andy supervising breakfast being made by Nam our guesthouse owner and lovely host.
A great cook she is and a great start to the day.
Of course the pancakes were for Andy, alongside Vietnamese coffee, that looks like black sludge!
An hour later we are at the gym and he’s working off those pancakes!
Love our daily work outs for 50c each a day in what feels like a sauna.
Then it’s lunch time. Got to love Banh Mi. A baguette filled with lots of scrummy fillings with spicy chilli sauce.
These stands are all around town but ‘Madam Banh Mi’ is the best.
All for $1.25 each.
Then on the bikes we go for a bit of sightseeing.
At the beach ‘China Beach’ with Danang in the distance.
Through the fields we go.
Locals out for a spot of fishing
Fish farms in the countryside
Tra Que Herb Garden. Where all the local vegetables come from.
Vegetables so fresh and such immaculate gardens.
The main river in Hoi An


Fishing boats across the river in Hoi An
Oh and shopping……….have to throw a bit of that in every now and then and have to admit a few purchases have been made.
No problem spending a couple of hours at Mia Cafe watching the world go by, drinking coffee and eating carrot cake.


No day complete without beer o’clock
Now that sums up a great day in Hoi An (heavy rain tonight so stranded at reataurant next door to guesthouse).  Oops we were supposed to put dinner picture on but ate it too quick.



3 thoughts on “A day in the life of a static cycle tourist”

  1. Happy Birthday Lynn, enjoying reading your blog! Can only hope that there was a special birthday gift in that bag at the jewellers shop? Keep safe, from the Kings !


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