Maenam Koh Samui to Chumphon

What a great time we have had in Samui finishing with our stay last night in a lovely little hotel in Maenam.

Today we were up early to catch the ferry from Maenam to Chumphon 3 3/4hrs on the fast ferry. It was absolutely packed with Koreans and Chinese getting off half way at Koh Tao for a day of snorkeling.  Still don’t quite get why they all wear matching shorts, tops, and shoes,but makes for great people watching.

We arrived on the mainland of Chumphon and cycled the 30km to Chumphon town and here we are. Once again we have hit jackpot with our hotel. $24 Inc brekki and it is great. We are building a very good relationship with Google maps and Mapsme.


Cycling across Samui yesterday from Lamai to Maenam
Andy fighting the lilo at our great digs yesterday
Departing Samui for the mainland of Chumphon

3 thoughts on “Maenam Koh Samui to Chumphon”

  1. So good to keep up with your travels, you both look great, would love to be with you,but probably would not be able to handle the bike riding. Only 8 more days before we leave for Canada, will keep in touch, take care. Di & Reg xxx


  2. Wow you having a blast. We think of you two everyday love the updates. Matching gear the Nev’s on bikes think that might be an option for you 2. LOLXx


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