Chumphon to Bang Saphan

Wow that was an awesome but tough day in the heat yesterday whacking out 107km. Fantastic roads, huge shoulder, courteous and curious Thai hospitality with friendly waves in the land of smiles.

The initial plan was to ride 88km but we soon realised there was more than one Bangsaphan and we were in the hick country town of Bangsaphan Noi with not a guesthouse to be found.  Finally finding someone that could speak English we soon realised we needed to back track slightly then bike a further 15km and here we are at Bangsaphan beach. While in Bangsaphan Noi having a rest we were approached by 3, 4 then 5 police officers.  Oh no I knew we shouldn’t have biked down the one way street the wrong way, or was it the fact I was recharging my phone in the bank without asking (as it was about to die and needed gps to know where to go), or was it the fact we were taking up the entire footpath with bikes and eating the best egg rotis to recharge.  “may we have a photo with you”. So all they were after was a pic with the crazy kiwis on bikes in fluro that never frequent the town.

So here we are in paradise, we actually visited here about 7 years ago and we even have checked into the same bungalow.

So what an amazing day that was, the cold shower and cold beer was magic last night and woke up today feeling great!


First drinks stop lovely old man with no English 
50km rest stop
Another drinks break required 
Bungalow with a view not bad for $12
Same bungalow as 7 years ago
Beer o’clock 
Dinner view 
Even the same bar and owner as years ago 
Bangsapahan Noi………phew no bribes required.



5 thoughts on “Chumphon to Bang Saphan”

  1. We love seeing your adventure!!! You both look fabulous…. are you really riding your bikes or are you getting a taxi to the next drinkies spot:) Keep having fun! K, P, S & J


  2. Wow! You guys are doing awesome and looking good for it. I am just wandering how your bums are holding out!! LOL as I only have to ride 50 kms and I can’t sit down for a week!!


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