Exploring Koh Samui

What an amazing past few days we have had exploring this beautiful island of Samui. Even though we have been here numerous times before, the past few days we have ridden 150km and seen more by bike than all our other visits combined.

The Russian tourists that invaded Samui a few years back are slowly moving on and being replaced by the Chinese tourists with selfie sticks who now make up 80% of the tourists here.

We are using this week to adjust to riding in the heat and with day temps sitting 35++ it is a battle to keep the fluids up.  Also getting used to the traffic and the unpredictable dogs.  Andy was having issues with his bottom bracket of his bike which could have been a major but we found a bicycle shop where the little Thai guy looked no older than 12 and couldn’t get the seat to go low enough for him to ride it. Anyway an hour later and 100b  ($4) it was 100% so big relief and the fun continues.


Stunning scenery around the island



8 thoughts on “Exploring Koh Samui”

  1. It looks like you are having lots of fun, everything looks so beautiful, take care, talk to you soon. Di & Reg xxx


  2. The roads look like how ours used to look like a few years back!! Pleased Andy could get his bike sorted. Hate to see him having to walk……….enjoy!!


  3. Hi, looks amazing so far. Glad your gear has made all the connections too.
    Kids playing in puffer jackets this afternoon in Stoke! Think the cold has got to them, there are 9 kids playing on 2 courts, makes for some interesting rallies!!


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