Familiartiy in Koh Samui

Well the bikes survived 5 plane trips to touch down in Koh Samui in one piece on Saturday.  Assembly job complete and we hit the road from Samui airport, short ride of 14km to Lamai Beach.  Oh the familiarity of Lamai, faces, places, friends……another home away from home!  Sunday markets last night for a couple of mojitos and long Island iced teas, before the storm rolled in at night.

Rest day yesterday trying to get used to the heat but today we cycled the island 51km. Was incredibly hot and humid but had a blast, the beer is going to taste good tonight.

Yahoo bikes in one piece
Maenam Beach
Simply stunning Samui

4 thoughts on “Familiartiy in Koh Samui”

  1. Glad to hear you arrived safe & sound, it looks beautiful. Take care & we will keep in touch. Love Di & Reg xxx


  2. Looks fantastic and warm!!!! Just been in Queenstown for the weekend – beautiful but freezing…. Top temp 5 – 6 degrees:).
    Happy travels.


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