Second home here we come

Well we have done our best gutsing out the Nelson winter but time to head back to Asia and get some warmth to recharge the solar panels.

Leaving Betty and Nancy behind but we will see them in 5 weeks where we look forward to plenty of spring and summer adventures in NZ.

Was well worth hanging around for winter to celebrate Dads 70th with the family in Waikanae last weekend.

Now time to get the show on the road and swap the beannie for a bikini! Keep warm everyone. Farewell from Auckland airport.

8 thoughts on “Second home here we come”

  1. All looking good and safe travels. Enjoy the sun. Catch up soon and whiskeys for all. All the best, Mel and Brendon and kids,


  2. Bottoms up you two see you in 5 weeks or so – all tanned and terrific! Tell Colin 70 is the new 60 so look out! Have fun guys, travel safe.
    Karen and Jim xx


  3. Hello you two. By now you will be seriously warmed up and forgotten all about your beanie. Hope you having a great time. Another cool front has passed through, so lots of snow on the mountains, and of course the cool air that goes with it! Love to you both.


    1. Hey there Glen. Sounds pretty chilly back in NZ. Certainly not the case here. Was 40 the day we arrived but yesterday mid 30s so a little cooler. Definitely makes the beer taste good at the end of the day. Love being back here, and feels like we have never been away. Anyway over and out as off to the gym now.
      Hi to Geoff and family x


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