Going Posh in Bangkok to routine in Hoi an

We had ourselves a fab 48 hours in Bangkok and even managed to find a sports bar to watch the ABs get smashed. Bangkok seems to get busier every visit but the city of 10 million is changing. Less street food stalls, and more Western cafes popping up. Many slums being replaced by large commercial and residential developments. Constant traffic jams with more cars on the road. However the peaceful Lumpini Park is a lovey haven for the residents of this huge bustling city.

Looking a little jet lagged and pasty white on day 1 exploring the back alleys of Bangkok.

Loved our stay in Bangkok and could get used to the Club Lounge service.

The ever sprawling Bangkok

Farewell Bangkok but we will see you soon.

Here we are now back in Hoi An our happy place and settled into routine for the next month. The heat, the people, the food, what isn’t there not to enjoy.

They are no Betty and Nancy but Bob and Barry will be our trusty steads for this trip
Back at Phuc Thao Villa – same lovely staff and same room as last year. Like we have never been away

The flowers are amazing at this time of year, and Andy you look pretty good also
Beer o’clock on the waterfront – after another tough day at the office

3 thoughts on “Going Posh in Bangkok to routine in Hoi an”

  1. looks good team. Have not been to Bangkok for 20 years but i believe becoming much more modern. ABs very disappointing to say the least……..forward pack very old looking. We will see what happens in Auckland. Enjoy the heat and beers. Take care, Mel and co.


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