Rocking The Great Taste Trail

Nelson – Brightwater – Nelson = 50km

Been back in Nelson for 3 days so time to give Betty and Nancy a shake down and their first taste of riding around Nelson.

A lovely spring day riding the Great Taste Trail to Brightwater. So cool to see heaps of riders out and about making the most of what is on our doorstep in this beautiful part of the world.

18deg spring Nelson day
Nancy loving the Trail

Lettuces, lettuces and more lettuces.


HQ Cafe Brightwater

Back in Nelson and “Street Hop” taking place in town. Some very cool classic cars but in the meantime it will be just Betty and Nancy for the summer.


4 thoughts on “Rocking The Great Taste Trail”

  1. Hi mGuys, have just sent you an email this morning & now I have these lovely photos of you both, so good to hear from you & seeing you both looking so well. Love you both heaps. Di & Reg xxxx


  2. Hi good to see you made it back to Nelson.
    Since all the nelsonians left here after the wedding, the weather has improved a lot here too. A good day to clean the outside of our house!!
    Hopefully off for a few holes of golf later. 😀


  3. Glad your enjoying Spring back home.
    Here in Pattaya its been a very wet rainy season this month so now looking forward to the cool dry evenings of winter


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