Happy New Year

Wow what another awesome year 2017 has been and in reflection a year of big changes.


–  3 amazing NZ bike rides, Alps 2 Ocean, Wilderness Trail and Ghost Road (Andy)

– After 24 years I parked up the tennis racket and said farewell to coaching and after 11 years Andy said goodbye to NZ Police and his various roles. So we officially broke free from job security and gee it feels refreshing.

– The minimalist journey continues becoming car free in July and living on two wheels.

– Nelson house sold and a move to Australia to chase the warmth.

– Fantastic family time with both Mums celebrating their big 70’s.

– Andy’s bone marrow donation twice to successfully save some randoms life.

So roll on 2018, we know it is going to be a ripper, with heaps more adventures on the bikes ahead.

Happy New Year to you all and be sure to keep living life to the max with no regrets. Wishing you a healthy and safe 2018.

20171213_172045Cheers everyone for a fabulous 2018




6 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. All the best for 2018. We are hoping to see some pigs arrive on the property we are leasing. Another grandchild due in July …exciting times!! Big trip back to NZ with grandchildren coming too with Soph for a couple of weeks. So all grandchildren can meet before Soph and Brian’s wedding here in October. Stay safe and enjoy your adventures. Cheers Yvonne


  2. Happy New Year Guys. Just tried to leave a reply on your post, not sure if it worked or not.

    Good night last night at Meades, with just the 8 of us, Hanlon’s and Cookies as well.

    Brilliant day here again today.

    Speak soon

    Cheers Mum and dad

    Colin Dick PRIDICT Email Signature2 (2)


  3. Gotta make things happen. Hope you both have an amazing year with all our love.
    Thinking of how our life can be energised. A trip to plan!!!


  4. Huge year for the Nevs, and as always soooooo inspiring! I love the minimalist lifestyle & am looking forward to doing it more & more this year (starting with 6mths on the road camping) – thanks for the reminder that we only live once, to live in the present, and remember relationships are more important than material possessions. Love you guys sooo much, and wish you a happy, healthy & loving 2018!!!!!!! xxx


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