52km fun in the sun today

Enjoying our staycation on our 3 days off and this morning we got a shuttle from Nelson out to the Spooners tunnel. The longest disused rail tunnel in the southern hemisphere.

Despite having ridden it 4 times the claustrophobia kicked in and that didn’t help with the light on my bike not working! Thought I was going to come unstuck during the 1.35km but happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Betty and Nancy getting ready for the tunnel
Here goes……

Out the other side and wow what a huge improvement in the surface  of the trail since last time we did the ride.  Smashed the other side of the tunnel, blazed through the hop farms which are expanding by the day, onwards through Wakefield then time for a rest in Brightwater.

Loving riding through the hops and this section of the trail is stunning.
Rest stop in Brightwater

The strong northerly made for a tough day of riding but the Maccas ice cream reward was well worth it.

A few mechanical issues with Betty but all sorted after realising the derailleur was missing a bolt!!!! Handy Andy had a spare so all fixed.

Awesome day out and fantastic ride on our door step.

4 thoughts on “52km fun in the sun today”

  1. Looks awesome guys!!!! Well done Lynnie on getting through the tunnel!!! I have one of those bike Swiss Army knife kit things, but there’s no ‘Handy Andy’ in it…… where do I get one of those????!!!!!! 🤣🚴‍♀️🚴


  2. Yikes Lynnie, well done you!!!
    Alec and Elena had a similar experience doing the rail trail some years back… also no light in the tunnel and then Elena’s bike simply gave up the ghost! So photos of them on the out side of the tunnel both sporting grazed knuckles and much oil as Alec was on the repairs….. Consequently, Elena’s bike never changed gears again… but we all made it to the end.
    Lovely to see you guys with the two girls out n about again!
    Happy cycling….love reading about your adventures.
    Fondest love, Nicolette


  3. Well done to you both. Im suprised you can still ride in the heat. But looks a great ride. Does the trail go all the way back to Hope from the tunnel? We were out at Golden Downs Golf Club at the weekend and saw parts of the trail. Does look much better now. Enjoy your rest…you deserve it Cheers Yvonne

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  4. Hi Guys, looks like you had an awesome day, glad to see it is not all work for you both & that you are still doing some fun things, you deserve it. Take care & Love to you both. Di & Reggie xxxx


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