South Island Roadie

This would have been week 3 riding out bikes through Asia but during these crazy times it wasn’t to be.

Instead we have hit the road exploring our back yard and having a blast. Even have the folks joining us so some good quality time. Some new territory for us visiting spots we haven’t visited before, loving exploring our backyard.

Day 1 Hokitika
Franz Josef
Not sure how these things work, first kiwi winter in 13 years!!!!
Wet in Franz but truly beautiful
Road tripping from Franz in torrential rain
So many 1 Lane bridges
Was like a drive through a rain forest with all the waterfalls
Then the rain cleared and the sun shining over Lake Wanaka
Lake Hawea
Lake Wanaka
Motel view
Hanging with Ma and Pa

5 thoughts on “South Island Roadie”

  1. Awesome trip. I love the west coast bush, and feel at home when travelling that way. They certainly have some beautiful hidden treasures of places on the coast.
    This seems to be a mild winter this year… So far…. But you may be feeling it just a little since you have been missing all the winters.
    We are waiting to get over to WA to meet our 4 week old grand daughter… Really itching to get over there…. But WAIT we have to do πŸ˜€
    Enjoy your winter holiday
    Cheers Yvonne


  2. Good pic of Lynn the deer. Good to have Colin and Irene, and hope you enjoy good weather. All good here. Love mum/dad

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