The Nevs surviving lockdown

Wow what a week for everyone around the world.

The Nomadic Nevs being forced to stay home. Our flight to Sydney scheduled today of course a no go as we hunker down with the rest of NZ in our bubble.

Instead this is what our day looked like today.  A great ride with Betty and Nancy.

Tomorrow Andy is back to work as an essential service and we roll through another day during these crazy times. Thinking of you all wherever you are.

4 thoughts on “The Nevs surviving lockdown”

  1. Great to see you are both trying to handle this lockdown the best you can. Well done.
    We are finally being able to settle back into our house with most of the unpacking done.
    Before the lockdown I had been to Tasmania for a Ortho Bionomy 7 day course came home to self isolate then straight into lockdown. So I’ve done just about my 4 weeks!
    Heaps of gardening to do as I don’t think they have been touched in over 3 years!.
    We were hoping to head to WA in June to meet our new grandchild but I don’t think that’s going t OK happen now.
    Stay safe and may catch up sometime in the future.
    Cheers Yvonne


  2. Andy and Lynnie You guys ROCK!!! Awesome seeing your lives during the lockdown… YES a coffee machine!! BRAVO!! Especially loved your dressing up for date night!! Woo Hoo…you set the bar!
    Our household is most unusual as Alec is running all Nelson’s Works and Infrastructure from our dining room table!! So he’s in “meetings” all day and I am feeding him to within and inch…ha ha ha… being Greek and all it’s my go to… so baking, making pastries, anything I can possibly do that is exciting and nutritious….oh yes and that I do not have to visit the supermarket to create of course!!….although I have had to pop out for fresh veg and eggs!!
    I am a little sad for J-L as his year 13 will not be the year he imagined. BUT we have an awesome leadership team in NZ and I’ve never been more grateful to live here than now!
    Stay SAFE and inspiring!! Perhaps we too need a date night!!? 🙂
    Fondest love,


  3. Wow! The Nomadic Nevs in lock down! Great post and love that date night included bringing Tong Tara inspired food into your kitchen. Stay safe and keep smiling!


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