Living the dream in Mapua

24 hour mini break to Mapua. So spoilt to have this lovely spot only a 34km ride away. The perfect getaway.

Betty and Nancy having a rest half way
Chilling out
Loving the peace and quiet
Rabbit Island
Nancy waiting patiently for the ferry to Mapua
All refreshed
Beer O’Clock at Jellyfish
Loving summer
Good morning Mapua
Time to get the ferry back to Rabbit Island

Back through Rabbit Island
Just like that back at Raglan in Tahunanui

5 thoughts on “Living the dream in Mapua”

  1. Had a few coffees at Mapua in the past. So do you get the boat to Rabbit Island at Mapua. Anything to do at Rabbit Island re. Cafes. All good here. Mum with a lemonade Popsicle in her hand. Sofie did very well at Coalgate games, but relay had the girls in tears. Good race with three teams close on final baton change but Sophie very quick and won by 10 meters or more. Happy eight year olds then told by official they were disqualified as runner no. 2 must have drifted Into next lane. So taking to the presentation to stand in last place. I did take the trouble to Go onto to website to point out that they do not post placing so or times for 7 8 9 year olds, but disqualify teams, reduce them to tears, and that you have lost two girls, their friends, their parents to athletics forever. No response but made me feel bloody good. Sami at Twizel for rowing regatta in weekend and their until Friday For coaching. She rang and told Kel they got third which they thought a good result. Keep on pedalling Love Mum/Dad Sent from my iPad



  2. Well done. Was a great weekend for it.
    We walked with 4 of our grandchildren from car park at rabbit island to catch boat to Mapua for lunch then back again. A great place..I hadn’t been there since we come back.


  3. What beautiful scenery you have over there, you really do not have to go travelling, only on Betty & Nancy, you both look so good, take care. Love Di & Reg xxxx


  4. You have some beautiful peaceful places back home. Unfortunately Thailand had terrible smog now almost all over the country. Sugar cane growers are buying the cross although it’s against the law. More traffic and lack of control on fumes. Pretty sad really.


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