Happy Anniversary to us

Well what better way to spend our 21st Wedding Anniversary than taking Betty and Nancy on an epic ride.

42km Coppermine saddle trail, rough going on a steel bike as so rocky, but blazed past some dude on his flash carbon full suspension bike! That gave Betty and Nancy a buzz!

Departing home first thing

After just under 2hours of climbing we made it to the 3rd house

Then it got cold, super cold!

Hiding in the fog and drizzle we made it to the saddle. But too cold to hang around
Nancy having a rest waiting on Betty. No speed records broken for Betty on the descent!
There she is!! Great day out.

Now what are the odds of having two lovely ladies come into work earlier in the week and their names were Betty & Nancy! They couldn’t believe our bikes were called B & N.

Happy 21st Anniversary. Was a dreary cold day like this in Christchurch 21years ago.

Where has that time gone! What a fun 21 years full of adventures. We are so lucky to have hit the jackpot! Bring on the next 21!

Ride done and dusted and almost time to crack open the bubbles!

10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to us”

  1. Congrats to you both. Well done doing the ride but what a great view it would have been.
    We went for a nice walk from rabbit island car park to Mapua ferry pick up point with 3 of the grandies today across to Mapua for lunch then back again. The grandies did really well.


  2. Hi Guys, Happy 21st Anniversary to you both, You have so many happy memories, especially since you have had Betty & Nancy, we hope you had a great day, you deserve it, only wish we were there with you both to help you celebrate. Love Always Di & Reg. Take Care xxxx


  3. Great way to celebrate 21 years of married life. I did remember birthdays of Peter and Sami tomorrow and then later Ryan and Ruby and Maria. But anniversaries slip under the radar. Great to be around in the next 21 years. Blessings David

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  4. Congratulations to you both. Great milestone and bring on the next 21! No doubt you will have consumed that bubbles by now and maybe enjoying dinner at Tang Tara! šŸ’•šŸ„‚šŸ¤Ŗ


  5. Happy anniversary you two! You’re SO young to have been married for 21 years. What a time you’ve had over those years!


  6. Happy anniversary you two! Betty and Nancy … fancy that!! ha ha.. Lots of love and onwards towards the next fantastic ride!! woo hoo!


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