Turning 50 & Loving life

What an absolutely magical part of NZ. We have had the best multi-day celebration here at Millbrook……….

Queenstown. First time back in over 11 years and what a circus.
Taking in his last day at 49!
Fergs Pie!
Crafties in Queenstown

Oh my goodness Millbrook is AMAZING.

Birthday treats from the staff

No golf for us at Millbrook but hiring bikes for sure.

Smithies at Millbrook is awesome. Crafties by the fire with incredible scenery.

Birthday boy says let’s go riding. Hired some bikes and time to hit the trails.

Feeling alive!
First stop Gibbston
Love cycling rewards
Last stop Waitiri Cargo Brewery. Was so windy it blew the froth off my beer.

Cheers to the best day celebrating 50 awesome years.

Day 2 – Lake Hayes Loop

Cool and wind blown!

Finishing the ride back in the picturesque Arrowtown.

What an amazing few days celebrating down here. Thanks for turning on the weather and giving us the best memories.

5 thoughts on “Turning 50 & Loving life”

  1. Hi fantastic trip.
    Happy Birthday Andy πŸ»πŸŽ‰ What an awesome way to spend your dayπŸŽ‚
    I haven’t been down that way for years.
    No golf??? That doesn’t sound right. Oops don’t say I’m one of those golfers!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Tennis racket has finally got to me now. Arrived yesterday like all our gear. Has had a long journey to get to us. Just a couple of things missing… I hope they find them! 😜
    Hope to catch up with you sometime when you get back this way.
    Enjoy all your travels


  2. Weather a big plus. Think Martin Crowe and his wife lived at Millbrook? So one night at Millbrook costs about seven days in Vietnam. Great that you are both having such a memorable holiday. Physio called today. As expected she said mum to get a walk in each day. Bigger shock was she wants to see mum showing at 11.30 not later in the afternoon. Mum spending far to long in bed. So hopefully will see a big improvement in mum ‘s mobility. Love mum and dad

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  3. what a beautiful place to spend your 50th birthday, the photos were absolutely beautiful, like you said a lot of memories have been made, I only wish we were there with you. Love you both heaps. Di & Reg xxxx


  4. Happy Birthday Andy. Looks like you guys had great weather and a great time too. Certainly a beautiful place but sure has grown over the years. Been to Cu Chi Tunnels today. 80kms from Saigon and 3.5 hours later we arrived. The traffic – mayhem!! Anyway very interesting place and well worth the trip. We start the journey home tomorrow so will see you Friday. Enjoy your last night in Queenstown xx.


  5. Happy birthday mate and great place to celebrate. Love the photo of drinking beer in the shist window. Love the photos and both looking well. Will give you guys a call in the coming days. talk soon. The Cosford clan.


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