Hanging in Hoi An



Well folks here we are in the beautiful Hoi An (Central Vietnam) having a ball. After riding just over 3000km through Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar we have had one incredible adventure. As in the past on arrival in Vietnam the desire to continue to ride goes out the window as the traffic is ridiculously chaotic and getting more so every year. Betty and Nancy quite happy pottering around the town and rice fields, exploring restaurants, cafes and visiting friends we have met over the years.





So it is awesome to be here and call it home for 9 weeks. Phuc Thao Villa our perfect digs for NZ$26 per night including breakfast with the most fantastic group of staff.




A little aircon maintenance required in our room. Not sure if OSH would be too impressed with the chair and ‘Long’ balancing on the bed.

Exploring the outskirts of Hoi An around the pottery and fishing villages.





Fishing village and life on the boat

The sad side of the crazy tourism growth in Hoi An. Has certainly changed from the sleepy village we first visited 12 years ago. It is now a bustling town with Chinese and Korean tourists arriving on mass following their guide with the coloured flag. Ongoing construction, and lack of infrastructure is putting huge pressure on this small town with more rubbish every year floating in the once prestine river.

Rubbish everywhere in the river


The market winding down after another busy day
Time out on the scooter
The Hill Station our favourite place for a crafty and vino
Betty was taken for a test drive and wow the smile on this kids face said it all.

There is still something magical about this place and the people. Although we can’t quite work out why “The Carpenters” is the music of choice in every venue be it instrumental, jazz, Vietnamese, or the original version…….? Our hotel seems to enjoy playing Richard Clayderman greatest hits every morning during breakfast which also has a couple of Carpenters classics thrown in the mix.

Great fun catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Catching up with Julie who we met in 2017
Catching up with Ngout and Lort who we met in 2016
Our new Phuc Thao friends


Dinner with the Phuc Thao team last night


So there won’t be many blog posts over the next 6 weeks as we are settled in to our Hoi An routine of running through the paddy fields, going to the local gym, sampling more great Vietnamese cuisine and coffee which would have to be the strongest coffee in SE Asia………..and of course Leo’s cousin is always welcome at the end of a scorching hot day and at only NZ.76 per 440ml bottle it tastes even better.


5 thoughts on “Hanging in Hoi An”

  1. Looks a great city and good to catch up with friends from previous trips. We are enjoying summer weather and certainly the warmest and dry July. Sami to attend seven confirmation meetings prior to being confirmed. Kel says she was never confirmed, so wondering if you have all been confirmed. I have no knowledge of being confirmed, but must have, as confirmation name chosen was Christopher. So let’s know. Expecting a difficult game for Crusaders but expect Lions to tire last 30 minutes. We all good though mum has a runny nose, and not able to communicate. Enjoy Vietnam and enjoys your coffee/beers. Love Mum Dad

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  2. Hi great to see you still living the high life! 😀 the country side looks great… yes shame about the rubbish but hopefully things may slowly change over next few years.
    I enjoyed my trip back to NZ for the birth of another beautiful grand daughter. I now missing the cuddles!
    We are off to Jurein Bay(2hrs north of Perth) next week for my birthday and golf tournament for Gordon. I have been dabbling in golf too and have finally got my handicap. I feel I have been cheated out of some strokes 😂😂
    Keep on enjoying your fabulous time in Hoi An with catch ups with people and drinkies 😜😜


  3. Awesome to hear some news! Looks like you’re having a great time and living the dream! Bloody cold and wet here at the moment. You’re not missing much. Still managing a bit of tennis though 🙂 Take care, and enjoy those leos x


  4. Hi to our favourite 2 people in the world so good to hear from youboth & so glad you are having such a good relaxing time visiting one of your favourite places & catching up with friends you have made & are making. Your accomodation looks good & the country side, make the most of it my sweets & we will see you in September & hopefully will talk to you before. Love Di & Reg xxxx


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