Farewell to friendly faces of Chiang Rai

Our time has come to depart the lovely chilled out city of Chiang Rai after 27 wonderful days in this province.

The people here have made our time so special and we look forward to seeing you again.

Kung the owner of Shim Coffee

Our morning routine of biking 5km parking our bikes up at Shim Coffee then going for a 30min run in the countryside, returning to Shim for a fab coffee then bike home. Awesome start to the day.

Kung was roasting the coffee today getting ready for another busy week
One of our favourite noodle soup shops for lunch with this lovely man
May and Polly our gorgeous reception girls at Baansiri Hotel have looked after us and we had many a laugh over English and Thai lessons
‘O’ our local 7/11 Manager. Always making sure Leo was cold for us and we could get our supplies
Final Chiang Rai Coffee. Saved the best for last with Too and Ice. The loveliest couple who even gave us some coffee to take with us to Vietnam. Thanks heaps guys, we will miss you.
We even made the photo wall of fame at their cafe.
Security outside the cafe. Not 100% sure if he was required but he looked important and was always friendly to us.
We aren’t the only ones that have a friend in Leo
Farewell Leo until next time, Hoi An tomorrow

Wow – Waking up this morning to the news the boys in the cave are alive.

Has been such an airy feeling biking past the military camp daily seeing the choppas coming and going. Last week biking past the road to the cave, following the 24/7 TV coverage in Thai language only. Seeing rescue volunteers staying here at our hotel. Then a miracle! Now the big job of getting them out.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to friendly faces of Chiang Rai”

  1. Country must be in real celebration mood. Certainly a great talking point. Seems almost a certainty when your next holiday will be with a few variances. Soccer World Cup has so many highlights and I suppose England success is what us non soccer players relate to. Keep on enjoying and we will enjoy some warm days that we are having–probably frosty but all good ephyrae rpt he time we venture out. Love Mum Dad

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