Drenched in the Golden Triangle

Chiang Saen – Chiang Rai = 64km

Awoke to very heavy rain yet again so the wet season has well and truly arrived in the north of Thailand. Looking out from the hotel seeing the monsoon rain we still decided to hit the road.

So today became all about the destination. Belting out the 64km as fast as we could to return to Chiang Rai.

About to blaze through another check point where the police never seem worried about 2 kiwis on their bikes.

Turned out a fun day of riding as we weren’t cold and so pleased we cycled the loop to the Golden Triangle.

Arrived totally drenched back to our same hotel in Chiang Rai where we will stay for one more week before flying to Hoi An in Vietnam. (Not many pics today as too wet to get the phone out)

No positive outcome on the missing kids in the cave due to the monsoon rains and rising water inside the cave.

2 thoughts on “Drenched in the Golden Triangle”

  1. Well done for not just being fair weather bikers!!! Terrible news on the boys in the cave – it was on the news this morning here…. hope they can get them out:(


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