A town in shock……

Chiang Rai – Mae Sai = 65km + 12km exploring the town.

An odd feeling leaving our comfortable base and routine of Chiang Rai to visit Mae Sai, but we wanted to explore the Golden Triangle.

Departing the beautiful Chiang Rai

A stop at this coffee shop 40km down the road and once again awesome coffee and lovely owner.

Mae Sai is the Northern most district of Chiang Rai province in Northern Thailand and is a major border crossing with Myanmar. A very flat ride today straight north on a busy highway with a slight tail wind made for a crusiy ride. You can see on the map Myanmar to the North and Laos to the east where we will be meeting the Golden Triangle tomorrow (heading to the blue marker tomorrow).

Wet season in northern Thailand

The highway we were on today with a great shoulder.

Unfortunately on Saturday afternoon 12 teenage boys and their soccer coach ventured into a local cave 9km from here and are still trapped 55 hours later. 11 bicycles and one motorcycle were found outside the cave that they had ridden to after soccer practice. Due to the wet season it is believed a flood has come through and trapped the boys. Apparently this even made news in NZ today!

As we were biking today we were passed by numerous search and rescue and emergency vehicles travelling at break neck speed heading to the cave. 17 Thailand “Navy SEALS” entered the cave today for the rescue operation but no contact has been made with the kids.

This is near the turn off to the cave in the hills

Fingers crossed we will wake up tomorrow and hear a positive outcome as there is definitely an underlying sense of sadness in the town today. As we hear the rain come down outside it won’t be helping the rescue team.

Eventually found where we had booked at the Mae Sai Holic Lodge. Very modern and great value at NZ$23 inc brekkie

Explored the border town which was heaps bigger than we were expecting. Many Burmese people easy to pick out from the Thais with them chewing Betel, men dressed in their longyi skirts and thanaka (yellow paste) on their faces.

Border post to Myanmar

A great day in the north of Thailand with a lovely meal and our friend Leo who is always close by.

5 thoughts on “A town in shock……”

  1. Hi to you both, weather looks a lot warmer than hear, there is snow falling in the hills. Great if you are a skier which I am not. I hope the outcome for the boys is positive. I enjoy your pics and commentary, looks awesome. Safe travels Vern & Julie


  2. Give the caving a miss guys. Hope those kids are up high away from the water and get out safe but who knows. Enjoy your travels. Pissing with rain here and about 5 degrees. They call it winter. The cosford clan.


  3. Sad news about those kids, but unfortunately wet season always bring tragedy. The search is back on this morning. Reading yesterday floods in north Vietnam had taken several lives too. The border post in your photo has once again brought back some memories, my Scottish friend in Chiang Rai where I stayed took me to the border and that is the only time I been to Burma, just a day trip leaving my passport with the officials there.
    You appear to have had alot of rain in that area, here in Chonburi it’s been very hot and dry for about 10 days, then last night had a heavy shower so it feels more refreshed today. Safe travels

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  4. Soccer team trapped in cave was in the news. Pray they are all safe. Catch up with O’malleys and Penders tomorrow for lunch. Haven’t seen Penders for a year s o should be a good catchup. Should be an interesting few days for your both. Stay safe. XXMum Dad

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  5. When we were watching the news last night & they were talking about the 12 boys & their coach missing in the cave I said to Reg that must be near where Lynnie & Andy are at the moment, how horrible it must be for all their families, have you heard anymore as you said it was still raining, it is a terrible tragedy. Love Di & Reg xxx


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