Ticking off the temples

Chiang Rai – White Temple – Singha Park. Loop = 40km

Betty and Nancy were getting temple withdrawals so it was time to go exploring again. This time to the white temple (Wat Rong Khun) one of the most recognisable temples in Thailand 13km out of Chiang Rai.

This temple is now privately owned and restored by one of Thailands most famous visual artists, who has invested almost NZ $2 million dollars into this ongoing project.

They were even giving away free pineapple at the temple! We have been informed the Thai farming economy is currently doing it tough with the price of pineapples, mangos and rice well down. An over supply of pineapples means they would rather give free to the temples than dump. The farmers this season are getting 1THB per kg which is nz .04cents.

From the white temple we biked through the lovely countryside with the mountains in the background to Singha Park. Owned by Singha who are famous for their beer this park is absolutley beautifully manicured with ponds and small tea plantations, walking tracks and picnic spots.

A bit of maintenance on Nancy in Singha Park.

More crazy bugs on the trees. Reckon these would be nasty if they got on your skin.

We were also told to explore Chiang Rai Beach…………

Hmmmmmm Chiang Rai River but called a “beach”.

Continuing to have a great time in Chiang Rai and weather permitting we are going to get on the bikes on Monday and ride to the Golden Triangle for a few days. This is where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar all meet.

4 thoughts on “Ticking off the temples”

  1. Great to be able to relax and take it easy. Tonight a good opportunity for France to prove that the are World Cup contenders. Fine and frosty for next few days which are ideal for those who can sleep in. Sr. Lorraine’s 70th birthday at Villa so majority were old nuns but was enjoyable. Saw Sami Sophie hockey with both having wins. Love to you both, and ABs by 13.

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  2. Well I can certainly relate to this area having visited there twice. and found it to be clean and refreshing compared to many other tourist provinces. Wat Rong Khun is truely amazing and the surrounding area continues to grow and I was fascinated by the gold toilet block there, never seen anything like it!
    The ‘beach’ I loved, so relaxing there and cool with the breeze, had a meal in one of the wooden shacks and a trip down river on a long boat.
    Sadly the info you posted concerning pineapples is correct, I’ve had 3 given in the last week too. But so fresh and juicy, a refreshing snack especially when riding. Enjoy the Golden Triangle , looking forward to the photos


  3. Love the White Temple guys (seen a lot of temples, but never a white one….. it looks a bit like a fairytale)!!!

    …… & love pineapple (but feel sorry for the farmers too)!

    Great update NN!!!! 👍😘😻😻


  4. Hi guys so sorry it has taken me so long to answer this blog, Reg has been away in Moree for 6 days & the computer was not working for some reason. My god what a beautiful temple I have never seen anything so beautiful, I cannot get over the scenery in a lot of the places you have visited, everything is so green. I don’t know about the river being a beach, I don’t think I would like to swim in the water. Take care Di & Reg xxx


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