Chilling in Chiang Rai

3 months on the road (92 days)

We have been here in Chiang Rai, Thailand for 10 days (after flying from Myanmar) and absolutley loving chilling out. It’s not until you leave countries like Myanmar or Cambodia that you appreciate the comforts of Thailand. The clean streets, the organised lifestyle, great accommodation, super tasty and fresh food and everything is just…… Oh so easy.

That being said both Myanmar and Cambodia were challenging but rewarding in so many ways and without a doubt will be the highlight of this adventue.

It has been great to sit back, relax and reflect on the last 3 months amazing adventure on the bikes. We have stayed in 42 different hotels/guesthouses of varied standard during this time so enjoying having a base for now.

Chiang Rai is a lovely city and Betty and Nancy have been having a great time riding around exploring the sights in between cafe visits. Chiang Rai has a huge coffee culture with the coffee beans grown in the surrounding Mountains and many local cafes roast their beans on site.

Just having a little Asian moment at one of our favourite cafes.

Time out after templed out

Exploring the city

As you can see the wet season has well and truly arrived. This is making us a little reluctant to hop on the bikes and keep touring as the roads are very mountainous and we have heard dangerous at the best of times. So we have put the running shoes on and running and gymming in the meantime.

Along with more coffee breaks while we decide what we will do for the next few months. Oh the stresses of a bike packer! Think we might need to find some more clothes though, so it might be off to Hoi An the clothes making capital of SE Asia!! Sorry about the same clothes in every pic but we are traveling super light.

2 thoughts on “Chilling in Chiang Rai”

  1. Good to be able to chill out and give the bikes a rest. Amazing what you can achieve on a bycycle!!. Had good visit with Ryan, and the girls going well in their hockey. Sophie’s team have won 4 out of six. Teams very even and whatever team Sophie was in would win. Not only can she dribble but do it at speed. Sami’s team unbeaten and will probably be unbeaten. Good coaching. Mum and me both well. Will be exciting to plan the months ahead. Enjoy. Love Mum/Dad


  2. Your adventures have been amazing and I’m pleased you are taking time out for a while. I was wondering what you were up to as no word was coming thru 😊 we are into the start of the wet and cold season too…which I think is a lot cooler here than there 😜 on school bus till end of term.. 2 weeks… Leave depot at 6.25 am. Takes just over 2 hours to do the run each morning and evening. Have to watch out for roos and road trains esp on 10k of one lane road. At least I have RT to talk to drivers. I love it! Found a roo sitting in the middle of the road this morning on my way out!! Hoping to zip to NZ in the next month to catch up with new grand child. Enjoy your relaxing and don’t think too hard on your next adventure… Just do it…. 😅😅


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