We’ve cracked out the loop

Myingyan – Sagaing = 93km (June 4)

Last big day of riding in Myanmar so up early and into it after enjoying our brekkie and the nice view with Irrawaddy river in the distance.

Tried to navigate our way out of town and as always the sign posts don’t help at all so totally reliant on maps.me app which works a treat most of the time, but if not……………..(story for a rainy day)

Heaps of hills for the first 50km but minimal traffic. Temps were 37deg so tough going keeping the fluids up. As with everyday riding in Myanmar we have had heaps to look at, friendly waves and lovely scenery.

Schools were back today after 2 month summer break. Cool seeing all the kids in their white tops and green bottoms. Seems to be a national school uniform and we watched assembly taking place, singing and all.

We rolled into Sagaing fairly well exhausted after a big day. We cycled across the massive Yadanabon bridge and the Irrawaddy river and got to see Sagaing hill in the distance covered in temples and pagodas. Was a magical sight. Sagaing is the capital city of Sagaing state, located only 20km south west of Mandalay and with numerous Buddhist monestries is an important religious and Monastic centre.

As we sit in our very average overpriced digs tonight we can hear the music from temples in every direction. Highly likely it will start at 4.30am tomorrow.

Needed to repair our money belt so found this guy this afternoon in Sagaing on the side of the footpath. Check out the mouth full of betal, his entire mouth looked rotten.

Sagaing – Mandalay = 22km (June 5)

Surprisingly no early temple wake up call. Had a great brekkie of the stock standard fried rice, greasy egg, Nescafe coffee. Thought we would see if our sewing man was up and about first thing as my shorts had had a blow out. Yep sure enough he was there at 8.15am. Such a lovely man and he refused to accept any payment despite our insistence. He said “I help you”. Once again the kindness of these lovely folk.

They were making jeans and even had a Lee label on them…….must be the real deal………

Departed the hotel with some help from our strapping “security” who was the sweetest guy. He was super proud of his uniform and job and was thrilled with his tip.

Morning routine of loading up the rigs

Short ride into Mandalay but with a population of over 1.2 million concentration was at a premium.

We started off on a very quiet stretch of highway.

But in no time we were in full swing with the traffic. Cars, trucks, horse and cart, motorbikes, dodging people walking on the road, monks collecting their elms, and trying to avoid the odd betal spit from hitting your feet. It was organised chaos.

We found one of very few westernised cafes in Myanmar, Cafe Nova and biked in for a well deserved coffee and choccie cake.

Aircon was bliss after the heat outside

So we have completed the loop, just under 800km in Myanmar and back at the Hotel 8 in Mandalay where this awesome adventure into the unknown began 22 days ago.

40deg in Mandalay, and feeling pretty chuffed!

4 thoughts on “We’ve cracked out the loop”

  1. Another fantastic effort!! Great reading. Bloody cold here today after Queens birthday weekend. Enjoy the heat.


  2. Boy you are having such an exciting time. the k’s you are clicking over is amazing.What lovely scenery & roads & the people seem so friendly.What a lovely view from your room, with the river, boats & hills. One minute you are on the open road & the next you are in amongst the traffic & people, you get a bit of everything. Andy’s chocolate cake looked delicious. Love you both heaps. Di & Reg xxx


  3. what an incredible journey guys – has been soooo awesome to follow your journey and also share your pics with some of my gorgeous refugee students …they are super impressed and excited for you both !! Was so neat to see their eyes light up with some familiar sights ! Has made me even more aware of what a massive adjustment these girls and their families have to
    make when arriving in NZ.


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