Bagan bucket list…..tick

Bagan sightseeing = 30km

Considering The Nevs and temples don’t have a lot in common it seems strange that Bagan, home to over 2200 pagodas, temples and ruins was on the bucket list. Yesterday we got on the bikes and explored the town and surrounds and it was spectacular even for easily bored temple sightseers.

Housekeeping first though and found this lovely lady down the street offering laundry service. Felt a little bad leaving her our dirty bike clothes and in return she gave me the flower necklace.

So you get the idea, in every direction as far as the eye can see the Bagan plains is smothered with pagodas. Once again lucky it was the low season as had the area to ourselves but unfortunately maintenance was taking place on many of the big temples so they were covered in scaffolding.

Then it was time for a drink stop in New Bagan. The Bagan area is divided into 3 sections, Old, New and Nyuan U which is where we have chosen to stay and pleased we have also as not much happening in the other parts.

We will be staying on here 2 more nights before cycling the 200km back to Mandalay. Will be tough going as the temps are close to 40deg again.

3 thoughts on “Bagan bucket list…..tick”

  1. You are having a fabulous journey. Wow your temps are high. They are starting to lower here now.. 6 Dec this morning and got up to 17 Dec this afternoon. I have organised a group to play tennis tonight but they think it’s too cold. You can imagine what I said 😂 but at least they are coming out. Have my very first proper game of golf tomorrow. Have been told its about time I got a handicap. I honestly don’t think it will change from what it is now 48. That’s as much as I can get!! I have found a really nice lady with heaps of patience who’s prepared to mentor me… will be interesting how she is feeling at the end of game!!😂😁 Enjoy your exploring … perhaps you need more rain ☔ to help cool you off….😊have fun


  2. What lovely temples scattered everywhere, it is an exciting journey, so much to see & photograph & always with those lovely smiles of yours.You are an inspiration I am so proud to say you are my friends. Love you both Di & Reg xxx


  3. So glad i am following your journey as learning so much about a country so few of my friends even mention. As I said before I google maps to check your whereabouts and checked out about Bagan, finding over 100 hotels there just on one website, many with pools too. So obviously a popular tourist area with some amazing history, the stunning photos really tell a story.
    Here in Chonburi the heat which never came up to normal in April/May has left us, most days we have some rain with temperatures around the low 30’s but feeling more like 40 because of the humidity.


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