2 days of “Wet bums”

Meiktila – Kyaukapadang = 96km (May 28)

The forecast rain rolled in yesterday afternoon so we went to bed mentally prepared for a wet day of riding. This was actually quite exciting as it also meant it would be cooler and not 42deg as it had been.

Good brekkie and we departed the lovely Peace Path Palace Hotel which was far from a palace but perfect for one night. Wet……… yep it was pouring but still managed to see the “Golden Goose” Meiktila’s main attraction as departing the city.

Not many pics today as it was torrential rain and a big day of undulating hills we wanted to smash out the k’s.

It was actually super enjoyable riding, we were soaked and smiling and noticed a huge difference riding in the cooler 25deg temps.

We arrived at the Triple Lion Hotel and were greeted by more friendly smiles offering us an umbrella………hmmm a little late for that after 6hours in the rain. Got ourselves and our clothes cleaned up and chilled out preparing ourselves for another wet day tomorrow.

Kyaukapadang – Nyuang U (Bagan) = 59km

Was a wild wet and windy night and awoke to more heavy rain but we decided to suck it up and hit the road. Rain was so heavy there was surface flooding and debris as we biked through Kyaukapadang.

Our mums always said no prizes for looking good as I rolled on the sun protector sleeves for warmth. Must remember to tie my pants next time. This was my lovely gift from a hotel in Pluak.

Approx 1.5 hours later the rain stopped and we started to dry out. Nancys back tyre was causing a few probs so we stopped on the side of the road to try get it sorted. 2 minutes later a man on a scooter pulls over “May I help you?”. Then a truck pulls up and we have more helpers/observers offering to help. Once we said we were all sorted they gave us a bottle of water and the guy on the scooter was wanting to give us his mangoes (hanging off his handle bars in the pic) He had probably ridden 10km to get them for his family in the Rain! No way we could take them but once again showed us that the Burmese are the most warm hearted generous people.

Was super enjoyable riding the undulating hills as we arrived into Nyuang U. Looked at heaps of places to stay and heaps of choices as it is the low season (start of wet season) town is super quiet. We decided to go posh at the Bagan Star for US$35 per night normally US$70 in the high season and it is worth every penny. They have 80 rooms here and in the high season are fully booked and last night there were only 5 rooms full (10 guests). Feels like a ratio of 10 staff per guest as they all fuss over the crazy kiwis on their bikes.

We have decided to stay here 4 nights and explore Bagan. Just back from great breakfast only people dining. Now time to get on the bikes and potter around as the forecast is for storms everyday. We have done 360km this week so won’t be anything too strenuous today.

4 thoughts on “2 days of “Wet bums””

  1. It’s always amazing how those with the least are always the most generous !!
    Keep those big wheels rolling and the updates coming !!

    Kind regards,
    Todd Nevin



    Todd Nevin

    Group CIO Australia / New Zealand
    Deutsche Group Services Pty Limited
    Deutsche Bank Place, Sydney 2000, Australia
    Tel. +61(2)8258-1941
    Mobile +61 417 852 517
    Email todd.nevin@db.com


    1. Sure is Todd. Exactly what we’ve noticed. The guy only had 2 mangoes and was prepared to give us both of them expecting nothing in return. He looked as poor as dirt!!!


  2. Current accomodation looks similiar to Alexander Headland home. Still cold without sunshinei past few days and Queens birthday this weekend to be similiar. Ryan here Friday week for four nights so looking forward to his visit, as he winters into the world of mum. I feel great so no problems with mum. Love to you both.


  3. My god rain rain & more rain, how wet can it get. You had plenty of helpers, what friendly people. Where you are staying for 4 nights looks very flash. It doesn’t matter what happens you both keep smiling, how lovely that is, nothing seems to phase you both. Take care , love always. Di & Reg xxx


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