Wine in Myanmar?

Hanging in Nyuangshwe (Inle Lake) May 21-23

Chilling out for a couple of days in Inle, maybe as we love our hotel so much.

We didn’t think we were going to be able to top Cambodia with this adventure but this has taken our trip to a new level. Myanmar is truly stunning, it is very clean (unlike Cambodia) and you can tell it’s a proud nation.

So incredibly poor with 37% of the 55 million people living on or below the poverty line. The average minimum wage is NZ$4.8 per day or annually NZ$1650. Such a tough existence in the villages and towns with the daily routine of collecting the water from the well, showering outside, chopping/collecting the wood so they can get the fire pit going to boil some water and cook some food.

Trying to absorb it all here in Inle.

Tomato’s are one of the main good sources grown on the lake and known as the finest in Myanmar. Shame I hate tomato’s! We saw them coming off the boats into Nyuanshwe then being sorted, right down to the crates being made to store them.

A betel nut stand that are found everywhere. We have seen very few smoking cigarettes but stained red teeth and footpaths is the norm.

Stopped in for morning tea here and had a pastry filled with sweet coconut, where this lovely 12yr old boy was working incredibly hard. (School hols at the moment).

Then what do you know we heard that aside from the lake that a vineyard is a main attraction here. Betty and Nancy haven’t been to a vineyard yet so off we toodle the 6km to the Red Mountain Vineyard. Got ourselves a tasting tray of 4 wines each. NZ wine industry certainly doesn’t have to worry about Myanmar as competition but was great fun and lovely view over the vineyard and down to Inle Lake through the smoke haze.

Tasting the local dish of “Shan noodle salad” which is sold as a salad or soup. We are currently in the Shan State and this is their speciality made with onions and tomato’s. The salad tastes like a home made pickle/chutney and the soup smells and tastes like the liquid dripping out the back of a rubbish truck……!

So the pedals will be turning tomorrow as we make our way back up the Mountains to Kalaw. We plan on staying 3 nights as loved it when we were there last week. From there we will be making our way to Bagan so we have some grunty riding days ahead.

2 thoughts on “Wine in Myanmar?”

  1. What a lovely place you are in at the moment so clean, the houses on the river look so lovely, I will never look at a garbage truck the same anymore, fancy soup smelling like the droppings out the back Oh My God. What a treat finding a vineyard & getting to sample their wines. I do not drink wine much, but I have been told NZ Wines are the best. Think of you both often, Di & Reg xxx


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