Taking in the sights of Kalaw

Not sure if all the pics will come through on these blog posts or not due to Wi-Fi strength.

May 18

Such a beautiful hill station town to spend 3 nights giving us heaps of time to explore this mountainous region

Also the sights in town

3 thoughts on “Taking in the sights of Kalaw”

  1. Wow this area looks great. Have a great look around. It’s certainly different from Thailand and Cambodia…. scenery wise anyway. Enjoy checking things out. I can’t get over how cheap everything is.
    Enjoy your experiences!! 😊👀👍🌴
    The boss of buses here has left so the temp bus rang me straight away to fill in so Im back on school bus a couple of days a week. Did a bus charter the other night. That was great. Also working part-time with the working oldies, which is going well. There was a mix up with the water testing for pig farm so still waiting for results before we can go to next stage.


  2. Pics coming through well. Do the sellers at the train stops appear happy with life. A real experience. All good Love Mum Dad


  3. Hello adventurers! I got to hear about your travels through Jack, a Cambodian expat who you met in Trat when he was heading back to the UK. He came to stay with me near Pattaya in Chonburi Thailand then asked to look up your blog. So pleased too. I am from Jersey Channel Islands but lived in Thailand now almost 17 yrs, have travel often up into rural areas but NEVER to Myanmar other than a day trip over the border. Have researched many times about a trip to the islands there but understand they are not yet open to independent travelers. So appreciate being able to follow your adventure and get a real feel of life there, you are obviously super fit (I cycle only to the local stores here!) plus you take wonderful photos. Enjoy life to the fullest, too many wait til it’s too late


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