Not called the slow train for nothing

Thazi – Kalaw via slow train (May 17th)

Another super early start to bike 1km to the Thazi station. Purchased some yummy rotis and donut/breads for 15c each for brekkie that were being whipped up next door at 5am. Bit of sleepy looking happenings around the station first thing, but most impressed to see them cleaning up the rubbish and sweeping it at 5am though.

Train departed on time at 7am and we were the only foreigners on board about to begin the slow train through the Mountians to Kalaw approx 140km distance taking 6.5hours (average speed of 15-10km per hour). Traveling upper class again these seats cost nz$1.85 each and an additional 30c each for bikes and we had a great window view. However several times we got swiped by trees and twigs through the window.

The scenery was stunning as we took all the sights in.

Several stops at small mountain villages along the way. The mountain village people selling anything and everything through the train windows. Tough way to make a living .

The second last station stop was something else. Another train opposite and swarms of sellers between the two trains.

We rolled into the beautiful Kalaw at 1.30pm and immediately fell in love with the town. This British Colonial hill station town is set at 1320m elevation so is significantly cooler with day time temps around 27deg and nights dropping to 17deg. First time this trip no aircon or fan required. With no accommodation booked we biked around the town getting a feel for the place. Settled on the Golden Kalaw Inn for nz$25 including Brekkie.

We will stay here for a few nights exploring the town and surrounds by bike which is renowned for trekking to the hill tribe villages. We will try and give Betty and Nancy some off road treatment.

2 thoughts on “Not called the slow train for nothing”

  1. I cannot get over how busy the railway station was at that time of the morning, people everywhere. It is so green, a lot different to here, we really need rain. The temperatures there are about the same as ours at the moment, we have not had to use our airconditioner for ages now. Enjoy your stay there, it looks a friendly place. Take Care Di & Reg xxx


  2. Hi guys if you were up here at 5 am this morning the sun wouldn’t have been shining and you would freeze to death wearing you shorts and T’s. Amazing pics and captions. No issue with the slow train when you have got all day to get there a, un like Western society. Good to see you coping with the mountains. I need to see a climb with a sad face to see things are normal. Safe travels


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