Rocking and rolling to Thazi

Mandalay – Thazi by train

The perfect alarm clock at 4.19am as the neighbouring mosque called it’s followers to prayer. It got us out the door to the train station at 5am. Was still dark and the heart got racing with 4 dog chases (at one stage Andy off the bike chasing the dog that was chasing me) we cycled the short 1km to the station.

Express train to Thazi which does go all the way to Yangon. Not sure about the life insurance on the ticket for 80k which is 80c

Not too much action at the station at 5am but a lot of people sleeping, some looked like it was their permanent home and others maybe waiting to catch trains.

One asleep on the ground and one on the seat at the official luggage counter area. Paid our additional NZ$3.6 for the bikes and then asked to pay another 20c to carry them into the carriage. Was high finance at 5am.

Betty and Nancy all on board the luggage compartment tied by a bit of string fixed to the carriage wall shared with the above luggage, a few veges and boxes.

Really impressed with our upper class seats for NZ$2. Comfy soft seat, and an automatic recline function when the track was super bumpy! Windows that opened and we could see out of if we stood up and even ceiling fans. What more would you want………….maybe a coffee?

What do you know out of nowhere a guy walks down selling coffees. 30c for an instant coffee
Sellers constantly walking the aisles selling random food

We rocked and rolled our way down the tracks settling in for the 3 hour journey. It was absolutley awesome and exceeded expectations with so much to take in, especially when stopping at stations.

Hand held barrier arms

Young girl trying to sell fruit as we pass on by

About 4 stops later we bounced into Thazi. As quick as we could, we got our gears off to get to the luggage carriage which was the other end of the train from “upper class”. Halfway down the platform the speaker goes on and we see guys hauling Betty and Nancy off the train. Our brisk walk turns into a run to rescue them and help them get off the train and no more than 10seconds later the train pulls out. Super close call and a few scratches on Nancy but no major damage.

And here we are in Thazi………we hope, south of Mandalay
Tonights digs at the Wonderful guesthouse NZ$20 with the most wonderful owner who has great English.
No room for Betty and Nancy tonight but they are just outside the door

We were lucky enough to check in at 9am went next door to a tea house and then on the bikes for some exploring.

Tea house.

This town is unreal. Has a great feel to it, people amazingly friendly, and feels like we have stepped back in time to another world.

Main street of Thazi

Was time for an ice cream as 37deg

This lovely family sold ice cream and rice. Odd combination, icies and ricies in Thazi’ s.

Continuing to explore the back streets of Thazi by bike we find this

Human hair factory! We came back to our guesthouse and asked what it is. He said this hair would most probably be human hair from India but possibly Myanmar. They then sell it to the Chinese. Still unsure what the Chinese do with it but he thought for movies! Hmmmm not so sure about that!

Wow what a day. An overload to take in but we are definitely getting our Myanmar Mojo. Mandalay was too busy and hectic for us, even though it was great. We prefer these small towns where we can explore by bike and see the locals way of life.

Tomorrow an early start with the “slow train” through the Mountains to Kalaw and from there on we are hoping to get pedaling.

5 thoughts on “Rocking and rolling to Thazi”

  1. Lynnie truly you are OPTIMISM personified!! My goodness me…. While I am used to your adventures…you constantly blow my mind with your resilience and upbeat attitude! I wish I could clone it and preserve it ….I could make a fortune LOL…
    On a sadder note we said goodbye to our precious Poppy dog last week and we’re all still dealing with the gap she has left after 14 years….
    Much love to you both and stay safe.
    Thanks for being such an uplifting spirit!
    Nicolette xxxx


  2. Haha – I think the hair guy uses it for his own trendy Mohawk.
    …and Lynnie, stop creeping out the local girls – she looks decidedly uncomfortable with the friendly white lady ☺
    Does look like a fantastic place – keep the updates coming guys !!


  3. Boy you are having such an awesome time & seeing so many wonderful places, I couldn’t get over how old the train tracks & buildings were, your accomodation looks good & lucky you got Betty & Nancy in time. I couldn’t get over the service on the train, coffee & food to go, I feel like I am on the trip with you sometimes, all your photos are awesome. Take care Love Di & Reg xxx


  4. Famous old song “the road to Mandalay”. Certainly a very eventful 24 hours. Hoped you bought some fruit from the girl. Probably earning money for food instead of school! We all good and catch up with Kel at hockey. Sophie’s team won last week. Two of girls never won a game last year. A challenge for Sami and friend, the coaches. LoveMum Dad

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