A ride with Mr Pingpong

Had a good few days in Ban Bueng. This town reminded us of China with heaps of factories that the workers were bussed to and from daily. The town was quiet during the day but came alive in the evenings when the workers returned wearing their drab grey uniforms and living in high density apartments. The whole town seemed to revolve around industry and factory workers.

Bikes all serviced in Ban Bueng. The rugged Cambodian terrain took its toll on Betty and Nancy with them both requiring new chains. So they have had some TLC and ready for the next challenge.

This bike shop was incredible. So many expensive high end road bikes and accessories. Catering for the road bike trend that is capturing middle class Thais.

Andy was explaining that was the size of the wire found in Nancy – 4th piece to be pulled out but the flattie all sorted.

Short walk with the bike boxes back to our digs

Packaged Betty and Nancy up

The 2 hour journey to Bangkok yesterday with “Mr Pingpong” our driver. (Yep that was the name he introduced himself by). Traffic was chaotic in the car so we pulled stumps on the bikes at the right time not to mention most highways won’t allow bikes or scooters. All the same it was an entertaining trip with his English music playlist from Rod Stewart to The Eagles, which gave us a chance to fine tune our singing skills! So watch this space…….!

Mr Pingpong and a selfie before hitting the road.

Hanging in Bangkok. Always so much to see, great food and great fun. Everytime we return to this bustling city we are reminded of just how huge and busy it is……(compared to Nelson)

River houses in Bangkok
Love duck and rice!
The streets of Bangkok
Getting our temple mojo before Myanmar
Final coffee in Thailand for a while.
These nomadic bike packers not exactly slumming it in Bangkok for 2 nights. Last date night with Leo for a while, but we are sure he must have a few long lost relations in Myanmar we will need to track down.

Our next update will be from Myanmar, can’t wait! However we have read that Wi-Fi is slow and hit and miss so not sure when that will be.

One thought on “A ride with Mr Pingpong”

  1. Hi Guys I missed Mr Ping Pong, it sounds like you had a good time in his company & more singing, when you come back you will probably be able to go on tour. Now Betty & Nancy are all ship shape sounds like you are ready to get on the road. I cannot get over the houses on the river in Bangkok, it looks so lovely & what a bustling city it looks like Bali, probably not so many bikes but very similar & what a beautiful temple. Lynnie seeing you sitting in your accomodation having a beer brings back a lot of memories. Speak to you soon, happy travelling. Di & Reg xxx


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